BPP Stops Bullying (Brother Protection Program)

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This year during fair I was extremely busy with two jobs, so I only got to walk around for one day and a few late nights. I don’t like anyone in my family except my brother, so he is always the one who picks me up and drops me off at work. After work we usually walk around the fair, and you know hes my big brother so he buys me everything I want, food, stuffed animals, and we go on a few rides together (the last one takes a lot of begging). This year has been exactly the same except one thing, I was being bullied. All throughout the school year this guy kept bothering me. I tried ignoring his Petty name-calling and his friends who would laugh at me and talk behind my back. Honestly it really didn’t bother me that much because I have thick skin and I have been raised not to care what people think of me or others. I would normally just walk away or keep my mouth shut so I didn’t do anything I later regretted. But then fair came around and he started to harass me there. He would walk behind me and yell things at me with his friends. When my brother was around he would still walk behind me but he was dead silent. One night in particular, I had just got off work and I was standing outside the stand I was working at. My brother was running late, so of coarse I was alone waiting for him. While I was waiting, my brothers friend Billy came over to me with the guy who had been bullying me. The guy who had been bullying me was a football player so he had lots of friends including my brother. Nothing happened at the time, and the bully left before my brother got there. This time I had enough. When my brother finally got there, I told him about it. I expected him to freak out, but he didn’t. He just stared at me for a while, then took me home. A few days later, the guy who bullied me wouldn’t even look my way, let alone pick on me. I didn’t know why nor did I really care, but later on I found out that my brother had a “talk” with the guy. I think it is safe to say that having a big brother has its perks.

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