Understanding the Notes


I really enjoyed how you had a story and explanation for every topic. I feel like most teachers now a days just do the bare minimum. Lectures have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but that’s only because the lame and boring teachers put you to sleep. Honestly I really enjoy going over notes in class. Explaining the notes and adding stories to it helps me understand the subject and terms. Like poetry, I have always struggled with it. That’s because no teacher has ever took the time to break it down and me understand it, then they blame it on me and say i’m not trying. Therefore I never understood nor liked poetry. Its not the poetry itself, but the story behind it. I liked hearing William Shakespeare’s plays explained to me. If it wasn’t for the way he wrote, I would read his plays and poems more often. Romeo and Juliet is one of the these only play by William Shakespeare that I can understand. The main reason is because I had a good teacher that actually broke it down and helped me.

In past years, 3 different teachers have taught these same subjects. They never really went deeper than the surface. So practically all of this is new to me. In all of my years of school, I have never read a Supernatural vs. Supernatural book. All of the books they have us read in school end up the same way. Most teachers cover books about Man, Nature, Self, Society. In my opinion Of Mice and Men is a pretty good book. John Steinbeck makes the elements of the story clear throughout the book.


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