The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

January 5, 2006, John Boyne,  Postmodern literature, Historical novel, Children’s literature, Tragicomedy – a small boy with a big heart, who becomes friends with a enemy.

Bruno’s lived with his family, his parents, and 12 year old sister Gretel. after hitler visits them, his father is promoted to commandant. with that information, Bruno learns they will be moving to out-with. at first bruno hates the new house, but thats until he see a camp. so he is curious, and decides to explore. when exploring far away from the house, he stumbles upon a boy by the side of a fence, this boys’ name is shmuel. bruno goes to see shmuel often and sneak him food when every he can. shmuel has to tell Bruno many times that he is in a working camp and it is not a game. soon they become close friends, but bruno betrays shmuel when Bruno lies and get shmuel hurt. bruno makes it up shmuel by seeking under the fence into the camp. they did not know it was evacuation.

Danial’s Story

1994, Carol Matas, Children’s literature – story about a boy and his family going through the Holocaust.

The book Daniel’s Story is about a boy and his family who were in the Holocaust. Daniel’s family has been living in Germany for centuries, and refused to move. But after a while things start to get bad. soon Daniel and his sister were kicked out of school, there family business was destroyed, and worst of all Daniel’s uncle was sent to a concentration camp. All hope was lost when the Nazis sent ashes back to the family, they then learned that their uncle would not be coming back. Later they were sent to a ghetto, where they worked them to hard and fed them so little. Most of Daniel’s family was killed, but the nightmare was just beginning.