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Overall it has been a good year! This has been one of my favorite classes throughout my entire high school career. As you and many others know, I am a terrible procrastinator, so still getting at least half credit on all of my assignments that were a few months late is very helpful. Also you aren’t a hardass like the rest of the teachers here, you are always so calm even when you look like you are ready to blow. I hated analysing poetry, especially in front of the entire class. I really liked how you changed AR. You were by far my favorite teacher that I have ever had, maybe it was because of Journalism, or because you don’t get all over me about assignments. Some teachers in the school think reminding me 80,000 times about that missing assignment will lead me to eventually turning it in. No, the reason I haven’t turned it in yet is b/c I have not completed it yet or I don’t just don’t give a shit. Some teacher just need to let loose and realize that you can’t force a student who is in a mood to do something, and yes I am always in a mood. I have never had a problem with your assignments, well maybe the vlog. You are very good at explaining the questions my group and I ask. You make the class fun and even at the end of the year, I still look forward to walking through the door.


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First Impressions

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My first reaction to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was pretty much the same as the rest of the 11 grade. It was boring at first, only because we didn’t know we were going to read. You’ll find high schools don’t like surprises because most of them end up being pop quizzes. It just so happens that I am a very opinionated women, well on most topics anyways. But I really didn’t have  much to react to in this book. The beginning was very bland and boring, leading me to lose interest quite fast. However eventually the book hit a bump in the road and suddenly there a spark of interest sprinkled into the book. Although one of the reasons my heart hates the book is because Mark Twain was completely honest about what was happening in the time period. After reading this book, one question I kept asking myself was did twain actually use the n word himself or did he just add it in because everyone in this time period was using it? It is no secret that black people then were called the n word back in the day because it was a norm then, this is why I wondered if Twain went along with society or had enough respect for them to not use the word. About the book, I do like how Mark makes strong, bold points for each of the situations in this time period that really make you open your eyes and start paying attention if you weren’t before. Not that we have a choice because you have all of your students ( at least first period, since you talk about how much we suck) popcorn read and threaten to take points off for a future quiz that we never have, don’t get me wrong no judgement. It must suck to be a teacher, I would never deal with these little monsters ( including me ) you call students. Another reason would have to be the beginnings of books are really boring. Right now because of AR I am in the process of, meaning I’m only done with the first quarter of the book, reading The Great Gatsby. It is sooo boring, I have never wanted to stop reading a book so bad in my life, well other than the sequel to 50 Shades of Gray. 

The Great Gatsby

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I love that we got the option to select authors this quarter instead of making a movie trailor or randomly selecting a book. I feel because of this I am reading a book I have always wanted to read but never had the ambition to do it because I was always focused on books like The Mafia and His Angel. The author I chose is F. Scott Fitzgerald, he is a really good author. I l like him and his work because he kept writing despite all of his flaws and obstacles that were thrown his way. Overall he seemed like a really great guy, which is important for readers in today’s society. There was a lot of juicy details and drama written about  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life, so I picked, what I thought was, the most interesting facts on Fitzgerald. His wife was considered a 1920s “flapper”. Not only is he an inspiration but his wife was too. Herself and many other flappers changed society for the better and broke a lot of strict norms along the way. It was said by his college classmates and peers that Fitzgerald was a poor student who often cut classes at Princeton here we are again with breaking the norms, maybe this is why he is such a great writer because he didn’t do want most writers did, he and his writing was nowhere near perfect. It was also said by a classmate he had awful spelling. He later dropped to join the military. One my favorite fact that I have learned about him so far would have to be that he had a rocky friendship with Ernest Hemingway. I wonder if they had one of those weird relationships where a friend is more successful than the other (Hemingway by far at the time) which drives a wedge in between them. Like when one friend pays for everything and the other mooches off of them like a dirty slug. The last and personally my favorite fact I found about Fitzgerald Hemingway was rumored to have an intense dislike of Fitzgerald’s wife, whom he described a crazy and said she was a distraction to her husband’s writing.

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I guess I could say that I rather enjoyed this story, maybe be because Mark Twain purposely added humor to it. A story with humor in it definitely make it more enjoyable when reading it. If only more teachers realized this, I understand they have a curriculum they have to follow but adding in a few “joke” or humorous stories in between classes would most certainly push more students to want to read and maybe finish their assignments, lol me! I know I speak for a lot of students when I say they enjoyed this story more than many others, or maybe it is just me. I have actually found that as much as I love to read novels and comic books, I love reading stories just as much. The reason being, most of the time the ending is great. One of the main reasons I enjoy reading in general is the ending, especially when there is a huge plot twist. The book trailer was very easy to make, but just like always I wanted till the last minute to throw something together. Not going to lie, I was shocked as hell, but also very grateful when I saw my grade for the book trailer. The only thing I felt the need to complain about was animoto. I hate animoto, I don’t think it is possible for me to express just how much I hate animoto. There is a short, to short, word limit that made my animoto quite vague when explaining the elements of short story. I must say that I would take reading two books and them writing two blogs over making an animoto any day. Well my computer kicked me off when I logged on to read the first chapter, along with many others. Even if I wanted to could not express my opinion based on what we read today because that was not much. However if you still want my opinion ask me tomorrow because you assigned us the next 3 chapters.

Blog 18

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I missed the very beginning of the movie… so yeah, not much to say so far. It seems like a good movie (despite the pun). It is sort of interesting because I always turn in blogs late, well I’m pretty sure half of the grade does as well. But it is interesting because i now know the ending. Obviously I wasn’t suppose know the ending when writing this blog, but in a way it is kind of your fault. It is a long story but we have time right? Lol of course we do! Anyways I missed the very beginning of the movie because I was sick. Therefore I have nothing to write about, so I am sitting in journalism at this very moment trying desperately to full this page. Not that you’re going to read it anyways, are you reading this? Anyways since I saw the ending, I guess I will just talk about that. My and the girls at my table were actually discussing what the hell was going on in the movie and what we each thought would be the outcome. Congrats, throughout the whole year and through all your time and attempts, you have finally got us to discuss a plot and go in depth about a “fine” piece of art (literature). Well as it turns out, Elise was almost right, she was discussing how it was all a plan and the wife never died. Hannah was not even close, she eventually came to the conclusion that scotty had Schizophrenia. Although I am not going to lie, the ending would have been a lot better ( in my opinion ) if it was just his imagination playing all of these scenes in his head. Every move had a purpose, often making the camera switch and/or the main or speaking character. However the focus of the camera isn’t always on the character speaking, and this is what I really like about this movie. The camera is often not on the character speaking, but the certain character that just so happens to show the most emotion. The use of words to verbally announce what is going through the mind of the character, or seeing with your own eye’s and getting the chance to guess and assume what is happening and how the character is going to react. This is why a good movie purposely allows the audience to create a atmosphere based on interpretation.

Civil Disobedience

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I think the idea of the quote “that government is best which governs least?”,  goes along with the idea of Transcendentalism. I think the main point or message Thoreau is trying to make with this line in particular is the people in society are so great and independent that they could depend and rely on each other in order to handle and control the country on their own. This might have been true back then in thoreau’s time when gun control wasn’t a problem, nor murder, and nearly as much crime in as their is in today’s society. If we didn’t have a government today I believe life as we know it would be completely demolished. Believe it or not I am a independent, contrary to the fact that a lot people say I am a hard core liberal, which is not necessarily true. But more often than not my liberal side comes out and starts a fight when the government is gets involved. Just hear me out, our government isn’t that great or even that good, but the government keeps the United States in check. The government has done a lot of bad throughout history, but they have also done a lot of good. The government ended slavery, some people in the gov’ are in the process of ending women’s suffrage, and most importantly they give us our rights. Without the government anything could be possible, and this is not to be interpreted in a good way. Besides the technology, I think things would most likely drift back to the 1800’s and 1900’s where equality was never a thing. When it is a thing but only for wealthy white men, but even then it degrades and dissolves the whole meaning and purpose of equality. What kind of government commands my respect? The kind that believes in equality and peace, not just say there are going to be major changes but a government that works there asses off to stop violence and brutality and pushes for world peace. A government that is willing to talk and convince stores to stop selling weapons, working to reassure teachers, parents, and students that they are safe when they enter a school, because no student should have to worry about safety while they are trying to get an education.


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What connections can you make between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s?

They are both intelligent, strong writers. For some reason they both can’t speak like a normal person. I’m just pulling your leg, I just don’t apply myself as much as I should in school given I hate it and almost everyone in it. Anyways as you know, I don’t understand much of their writing. However I do understand that they are very much alike in multiple ways. Like their speeches, the way they view things in general. What is the main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” What is the main point of “The Conclusion?What would be the benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment? What would you miss? Could you do it? To find yourself, I didn’t know what I what to do after high school. I think some nice time alone would be good for me to think about me and what I want in life without falling to the pressure of society. I know I have felt the pressure, I know my fellow peers have felt the pressure. As soon as we are in high school we are expected to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Not only will I be able to find myself, I will be able to relax. I consider myself a semi peaceful person, I don’t like to stress over the little things. Often I will take time out of my day to relax and have some me time. However lately I haven’t had this luxury, I have been extremely tense, which effects me and everyone surrounding me. I also consider myself one with nature so I would love to go away in the woods by myself for a while. What should a modern reader take out of anything we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism? Why? Transcendentalism is a very formal word that describes a very simple idea. It is god’s word and spirit that pushes and inspires everyday life for Transcendentalist.

Blog 14 again I guess

The more you read, the easier and better it gets. Reseach studies in past years, like really really really really really in the past, have shown reading improves activity in your brain I guess. The possibities of independent reading improving brain activity range from changing the way you speak, the way you read whether it is just a slight change, or my amazing writing skills ( note the sarcasm ). Independent reading really isn’t as bad as some students say. Throughout high school I constantly hear, and I’m sure you do to, students complaining about independent reading. Whether it is picking out a book, reading it, writing it or taking the test, somehow students find the whole process of independent reading challenging, which is beyond me why for I think independent reading is an easy 30 points. As a student, I must say that one of the only cons about AR reading I actually have a problem with is taking the test on my book. This is why I think completing a blog rather than taking the test is a great alternative. Doing more with interesting books in class, like activities that students enjoy. I get that reading old literature is important now in schools, but it is also important that students read something they care about. Something that grabs attentions of the students therefore make them want to read without having to push or shove them. I think getting students more involved in class readings and discussions in which we actually look foward to could be a major solution for helping students. If student learned that fun and reading go together, some would read more often than not. Little side note: students typically end up doing more work in classes that they have fun in and feel like they can let loose. I wanted to choose the third book in The Mafia and His Angel series for my next independent reading book, but since we have to choose a book from the library I was forced to choose a different AR book. For now anyways! Anyhow I chose Jurassic Park for my next AR book.

Blog 14, just another ordinary blog

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Personally I believe that all people are born good. No one comes out of the their mothers woom being evil. Babies minds are very innocent and delicate when being properly taken care of and when spoken to. It’s the way that children these days are brought up and what they are being taught as a child. I’ve taken many, many psychology classes and throughout those classes we’ve learned that children watch their parents and other people surrounding them and they take that information and they absorb it like sponges. If everyone in the world was pure and innocent in obeyed by the rules and laws that we have set today there would be no need for jails and policeman and eventually we wouldn’t need laws anymore or Republicans LOL. The  reason those laws have them put in place there is because of all those children who went through a tragic and heartbreaking childhood, statistically speaking these children are most likely to end up breaking a law or multiples ones. These laws were put in place because of those people who went through so much that they are now scarred for life and they take that out on other people, places, or things. Everyone knows that the main reason for laws to keep criminals from breaking the law but what the law doesn’t do is help these people over come their issues. You know what America should do, we should just start over, start over with no laws. Laws don’t help anything, they don’t take criminals out of the world they just make repercussions that most criminalsend up breaking anyways. I truly and honestly do not think we need laws and need the help of society to keep people from doing bad things. Like I said earlier it is either one of the two. A bad childhood or just something that scars them to make them evil. I don’t believe that you should just throw evil people in jail, I believe that they need to be sat down and they need help instead of just throwing them in jail. that’s what the law does and I am completely against the law when it comes to evil and punishment in ‘merica. Quick note: while  we’re on the topic of evil, why in the mother of all gooses do we have do we have to post a picture relating to our blogs. Lately I’ve been having a ton fun with a blogs, isn’t that what you wanted? For students to have fun writing. You took that little sliver of joy away that I had left for American Lit.from me. I mean seriously you ripped that opportunity out of my hands long before I could even get to Chewbacca or Obi-Wan, what the 4311 McGarry.

Blog 13, FINALLY! I’m caught up… for now.

“One day… robots will take over…” – Megan Troup

And here Thou was thinking that this year’s English major would be completely useless. I’m only joking, because trust me I don’t need another lecture about how these high school classes will help students later in life. Although we do get that talk at least once a year, thought so far this year no teacher has given us the “Career breaking speech”, so you better get on it while the gettings still good. No I’m gust messing around, I’ve learned a lot this year, at least more than last year’s class English class with Mosers or the year before. I’ve learned not to admit defeat, I also learned to not tell your opponent that your side is wrong. This is something I have always done in my arguments, regardless of what it was. This year in literature I learned that the whole part of a debate is to prove your side right, by admitting that your side is wrong your helping your opponent win. Just by saying your side is wrong means you lost the point of an argument. I never knew how much questions help an argument, my questions were terrible in the debate but at least I got my opponent to admit that cyber school was the best option which was my point. I tried my best make questions at my opponent just couldn’t answer, obviously I now know that I’m not great at that. Debating is a lot harder than I initially thought, not only do you have to look at the pros, the good side, but you also have to look at all the cons, of the bad side. You have to come up with a comeback for every single con. However by looking at both the positives and negatives you can say your speech and respond to your debate opponents questions with a strong and confident answer. I did my research and when my opponent asked me negative I replied with a semi good answer because I looked up all the negatives of cyber school and came up with replies before the debate. = . I feel like when I listen or watch to adults conversations they’re not as intelligent and high-level as people think they would be. At least half of the arguments I’ve seen online are more on the cringy side than anything else. Having to listening to another couple have a debate can be very painful sometimes, though more often than not, especially in my family. Hearing a 46 year-old man say “what do you know you’re only 16”  is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever been through. What age has to do with a conversation or debate is truely beyond me. Honestly it’s just a easy way of changing the subject or blaming someone intelligent on irrelevant facts. Now my mother on the other hand, she is a very, very intelligent person. Having a conversation with her it’s extremely frustrating because she will always ask me questions that I can not answer, though that is point of a debate so I will give her credit for that.