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i think that the purpose of independent reading is to try to show students just how fun/interesting reading a book can be. to encourage students to read, you could expand your online ebook selection, because some students dont get books simply because they lose them easily. For my second quarter book, i chose the rose and the dagger. i chose this book because i personally like the series. after reading the first chapter of the book, im not sure what exactly is going to happen. the first chapter is just a flashback. i liked the book as soon as i started reading it, and i couldn’t put it down. As for the book trailer, i don’t really have any concerns, except my lack of ability to create videos (im assuming the book trailer will have to be in a video format.) Otherwise, i don’t have anything else to say about it in regards to concerns.


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i’ll admit, i actually enjoyed reading this excerpt. It was incredibly deep and meaningful, albeit hard to understand at times. i believe that man can naturally be good without rules of society. half of the time, society is the thing that causes people to misbehave. Without the norms of society pressuring people, people wouldn’t be so evil. most of the time, it’s society around them that causes them to act evilly and violently. For example, a kid at school may do something violent to a fellow classmate who had previously bullied them. if people weren’t confined by the laws of society, the bully wouldn’t have bullied him. i know this because a lot of people who bully or injure people have been hurt themselves, whether it be emotional or physical. if humans weren’t forced to follow the rules of society, the world and people around them wouldn’t have been treated so harshly. people are influenced by the environment around them, which may pressure people to become violent, like some are today. the rules of society are to blame for this happening. its created judgement and bias throughout the world, the very things that cause people to lash out and be violent, and act in evil ways. thats how i would argue that man itself is not evil, and that society rules have played a large factor in shaping people to be the violent and evil people they are now.


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Throughout the entire debate process, i don’t believe my views on gun control have changed. It hasn’t because i just always personally believed that there should be more gun control. The most interesting piece of evidence for my side of the argument, which is pro gun control, is that people still deny it works, although other countries implement it and it works for them. It should be interesting to others because its a common argument with this entire subject, that gun control doesn’t work. Its interesting because although people have evidence to show it does indeed work, they still deny it does. I didn’t know this fact too well before i did research, because i was uncertain on whether or not it actually worked. One source that i always went to was There are a lot of sad and depressing emotional elements in my topic, the big one being that children are getting killed every day for no reason. My topic activates these emotions for the audience because its a very real situation. Anybody at any time could be shot dead for no reason. This topic is obviously emotionally charged for reasons iv’e stated above. The debate about my topic is important because it happens often, an innocent person died because the wrong person got a hold of a firearm. Many ethics factor into this debate, in particular right vs. wrong. We are giving dangerous people access to these harmful weapons, and that is wrong. There is only one ethical topic that goes against my debate topic, which would also be right vs. wrong. I personally believe the most important appeals in my argument is the emotional appeal. Emotional appeal is probably the most common on both sides of this debate. i think the most important thing iv’e learned about creating a valid argument is that you need time, and a lot of research. You can’t just waltz in there with nothing prepared and expect to win the debate. it’s a tedious process. this will affect future debates/arguments i have because now i know how to properly form them.


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Gun Control- My topic and my take on it

As the title suggests, my topic is gun control. The position I got was in favor of gun control, and i’m not complaining about it. I already supported gun control in the first place, so that’s a bonus I guess. I’m rather against senseless killing so i’m rather glad I got this topic. I already know the basics of this, less guns means less deaths, which is pretty cool. I mean, i’m not complaining, I’d like to know I can walk down the street without getting shot because someone “felt” like it. That’s a bonus. But other than that, I know that a lot of people aren’t really for gun control, which is stupid. The first thing that pops up when I google search it is something about Virginia’s laws with Medicaid and gun control. i don’t really know what that’s about. I’d approach this pretty logically with the same thing i said before, less guns means less deaths. I don’t think it can get any more logical than that, it’s not rocket science. An ethical issue i think people would have with this is what the constitution has to say about it. It says that people have the right to bear arms, but I think a law restricting that would be a good thing. Some people  should not be allowed to own a gun, simply because if a gun gets in the wrong hands, a lot of people could potentially get hurt. A strong emotion i can bring into play is sadness. Many families have lost their family members due to unreasonable murders with guns, and this is one big reason why there should be more gun control. People shouldn’t have to be afraid to step outside because of unreasonable deaths. That’s why there should be more gun control.



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Virtues Experiment

Well, i didn’t exactly do good in regards to following the virtues. i wasn’t very good at following silence, because im always prone to creating awkward small talk. i dont even think i couldve followed this virtue considering how awkward i am anyways, so failing to follow this one is not a surprise to me. industry is an obvious fail for me because i tend to waste my time a lot, especially when it comes to video games. i have a habit of procrastinating, so this one was rather difficult. tranquility is also another obvious fail, i always get mad at the little things. its very easy for me to get angry, even when theres no reason for me to be. if im in a bad mood, people breathing could tick me off. i didnt fail the other ones as badly as these, so i did better than i had expected.




blog 8, final poem, first thoughts

i thought that the poem “Smile” was a very deep and meaningful poem, with good word choice, structure, and style. it was very well written and thought out. it was very visual, and it had great diction. my reaction to this story was rather sad, i felt the emotions of the character so clearly. the imagery helped me better understand how the character was feeling, and why. A few questions i have for this poem include what inspired it? what does the author mean when he says that “the house is empty? how did the author choose such perfect allusions that fit so well? i think that this poem could possibly be about depression, and that the character can’t find his smile. the character says that hes constantly stuck in quiet desperation, and he seems to feel hopeless about his situation. i think that some allusions are most important to the work, including all the Eagles allusions. they’re important because the song Hotel California is about struggling with drugs, and while this song may not be about drug addiction, it seems to reflect upon the characters personal struggles of life, and not being able to find his smile due to depression.  i also think that the allusions regarding the sirens is also important to the poem because it shows that the character feels pathetic and unwanted to the point that even the mythical mermaids, who are known to lure in random men to their deaths, wouldn’t even bother singing out to the character. one last allusion i thought was important was “Thoreau’s quiet desperation”. i think its important because the character often reflects on his life, constantly waiting for something to happen, and being expected to be told what to do. the allusion is important because the character feels lost in this, the quiet desperation, and it might be because he expects everything to be simply explained to him.  i also thought the allusion “dynamo of night” was important because the characters depression seems to be caused by a multitude of things, including the forced conformity of society. the character seems to feel trapped by this, and unable to express themselves due to society’s judgement.

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My Attempted Short Story

The 6 word short story that i chose was ‘Please, this is everything, I swear.’. I chose this quote because i decided that it was dramatic enough for the part in my story where the protagonist approaches his family about something. What he’s approaching them for, i don’t know yet, but it just sounded too dramatic for me NOT to put in. As for what its about, that’s currently a jumbled mess inside my head, but ill try to piece it together for you. The story is about a boy named Joshua who lived in faction York, a futurized version of what is now New York. Joshua and his family live in the poverty section, unlike the elites who bathe in their own riches and success. Joshua and his family, as well as thousands of other people, live in the slum-like area because of generations before them committing crimes or going against the previous presidents of the faction. Once these crimes are committed, all of the next generations are left to suffer in poverty and lay in the shadow of the elite. During this time period, the lunar eclipse that occurs symbolizes the change of ruler ship, and the son of the last president takes control. During this eclipse, Joshua tries to do everything in his power to take advantage of the distracted faction, so him and his family can escape to a close faction nearby that isn’t as cruel as faction York, and offers a better chance at living for him and his family. I don’t know how i came about this story, i kind of just thought it up while trying to write my old story, so this is the brainchild of it. Originally my story was about a technology take over. i also didn’t intend on a happy ending but i suppose that changed too. i don’t know what happened to the original technopocalypse, but this is the brainchild that stemmed from it. The characters haven’t really changed that much, aside from the newest president being more evil. Well, I hope you enjoyed my rambling about the short story i’m trying to write, (and will probably rethink over and over again in a viscous cycle).

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My Hectic Fair Week

My fair week was nothing special, just the usual people hogging the popular stands to get their food, me and my friend trying to shove past them while they stuff their faces and stop dead in the middle of the pathway. But since my family lives so ridiculously close to the fairgrounds, we park cars in our backyard during fair week. Of course, we aren’t the only people that live that close to the fair that has a backyard or some area to park cars, so we naturally had some rivalry. We normally don’t have any problems parking cars when it comes to the neighbors, our closest neighbor usually takes turns with the cars that come to park, but these specific people just wanted something to fight about. The neighbors down the street were especially jealous that we were parking more cars than them, as well as sharing with our closest neighbor, and they thought that the most logical thing to do was be spiteful about it. They liked to change the amount that we charged on the signs ($4) when we went in for the night. When they realized that we could easily replace the parking signs, they started to send their evil children after us, obnoxiously screeching about their staggeringly- low parking price of $3 with their high- pitched voices. they also enjoyed running up and down the alley to add for effect. we tolerated it until the middle of the fair week before we had decided that we had to approach them about it and set up a compromise so they would silence their obnoxious children. When we approached them to work out a deal, they were rather rude at first. We didn’t give up because we didn’t want to have to listen to children screaming all day, so we worked out a system that consisted of us sharing the cars, and that every other third car went to them. This actually worked, and the spitefulness and screeching children stopped, thankfully. Fair week was pretty tame after that, aside from the usual weirdos that occasionally parked in our yard.

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Defending The Theme Of Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Aside from some rather dark aspects of the movie, including Stockholm Syndrome, Beauty and the Beast actually has a decent and mature theme. It teaches you that not everything is the way that it seems, and that you shouldn’t judge someone solely on their appearance.

The setting really plays a big part in the theme, which is both the castle and the town. The castle, before it transformed at the end, had an evil feel to it. But once the Beast changed back into the human prince he once had been, the castle also changed in its appearance, showing what truly lied within. The town and its people also had a kind feel to it, but it was deceiving. The entire town thought that Belle was strange because she loved to read and was literate, unlike the rest of them. They also attempted to help Gaston kill the Beast at the end without any logical reason or proof that he was dangerous. They also agreed to let Maurice and Belle get locked up without any proof they were insane, and didn’t fight for them. They blindly followed Gaston’s word. The castle and town are perfect examples of the theme shining through, because despite its appearance, the caste was beautiful in the end, and despite the town’s kind feel, the people inside were awful and a complete polar opposite of how the town appeared to be.

As for the characters playing a part in the theme, the Beast is the main protagonist that gets the theme rolling. He must be loved, despite his beastly appearance, to set the theme and give it purpose. Belle is also a protagonist because she has to love the Beast for the theme to work. Gaston is the antagonist because he wants to marry Belle. He cant marry Belle if she loves the Beast, so he has to try and prevent that from happening.

For the presentation aspect of it, the entire concept of the Beast’s curse is a metaphor. When Beauty and the Beast was being created, one of the animators had AIDS, and he expressed his pain and suffering through the Beast’s curse.

As you can see, the theme of The Beauty and the Beast is displayed everywhere, from the settings to the characters. Everything in this film teaches you not to judge someone from their appearance, and judge someone for what’s within.



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Week Two of Drowning in School Work

As everyone reading this blog already knows, we started taking our first (of many) notes in American lit. Besides that, i’m not really complaining, considering most of the notes are already there. the only time i had to write was when i wanted to add something, which wasnt even really necessary. The notes sort of changed my view on short stories, making me think that they aren’t as simplistic as i had originally thought, that they have much more structure to them than i had previously thought.  I think its interesting that the authors use catharsis to really draw the reader in, and make them relate to the characters. Its a brilliant way to get people interesting in your book, and i think an excellent example of this is The Hunger Games (because i cant think of any other book). It made me realize that the author really wanted to hook in that young teenage demographic, making them think they have a connection to Katniss (they dont), therefore promoting sales and such. Although she wants to appeal to the teenage demographic with the love story weaved into it, she also makes it more appealing to the more mature demographic, by adding the violent (and much more interesting) rebellion aspect to it. The author understands that more readers means more cash in the pocket, so she used the stereotypical love story to draw in the younger demographic, and the more mature themes for the more mature audience.

As for week two, its really starting to sink in. The stress, the unrelenting school work dumped onto us, the drama of the younger kids who have nothing better to do than trash each other. It isnt that bad yet, but im sure it will eventually get there. The only class that is ridiculously over- assigning homework is chemistry, where we have a test of some sorts every other day. the other classes are mild, geometry’s starting to kick up.


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