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I thought that the novel in general turned out to be a good read after all. it was hard to keep up with at times, but i still thought it was a good book in the end. it accomplished its job very well, in regards to the themes in the novel. it was a good book, but i can’t say its the best book ive read. Ive read better books than this one. About the last couple of chapters, what i would change would be huck finn not running away, and getting adopted after all. the most important things to take from this novel is that people change over the course of time, especially when certain things in their life change drastically. For my huck finn project, me and my partner have decided to make a documentary type video on it.I picked this specific project because i dont like going up in front of people to present, and i dont have to if i made a video. Im also really really good at making videos like this so thats a bonus.

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