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Halfway through the movie, i’ve really come to enjoy this film so far. At first, i didn’t think id enjoy the film. I thought it would be boring because of how old it is, but once i started watching it, i was hooked on its plot. What i enjoyed the most about this movie was the fact that the wife wasn’t really the wife the entire time. It really added to the mystery factor of the entire film. Another thing i like about the film is that they use the color green to signify Madeleine. They also use a lot of symbols and it also adds to the film. One thing i didnt like is how scottie tried changing judy to look Madeleine once Madeleine had “died”. it was really creepy and offsetting to me. Another thing i didnt like is just how creepy scotty was in general. He just had a very creepy vibe to him the entire film. Another thing i didnt like was that scottie let “madeleine” die, which was completely unavoidable. I dont care if you have vertigo or not, if someones about to JUMP OFF OF A CLIFF, you should have the common sense to do something about it instead of WATCHING them fall. that part was very irritating to me. i personally think the film went above and beyond on the successful factor. I personally really enjoy the movie so far.



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