Thoreau’s Attempt

I gotta say, i’m loving the deep and thoughtful excerpts we’ve been reading. I’m probably the only one who’s said that, but nonetheless i still think its interesting. One connection between Emerson and Thoreau’s thoughts that i immediately noticed is the nature concept. They both look at nature in a spiritual manner.The main idea of the first portion “Where i lived and what i lived for” is that the land he wishes to build a house upon already has a history of previous owners with their own lives and struggles. He also mentions seeing future inhabitants who will live their lives there. The conclusion is how Thoreau comes to the realization that a person who confidently strides in the direction of their dreams will succeed much better than they had originally imagined. The benefits of Thoreau’s experiment include a simple break from society. After living so long in society’s conformity, it must be satisfying to break away and live in the rule-less woods for a while. I personally don’t think i would miss anything. Living in the woods away from society seems like such a peaceful and stress-free life. I would definitely be able to do it. Some things a reader should take out of transcendentalism is that some of its concepts should be taken and implemented into some of our lives, especially the nature concept. We should better understand that we all should be sharing the nature and planet, rather than claiming territories.


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