Civil Disobedience

While reading Civil disobedience, i began to question things in our society, mainly in regards to the government. I personally believe that the government shouldn’t be as involved as it is, but i still believe it should at least exist. The role of government is to control us, its citizens, and keep us under its control. That’s also its role to each individual citizen. to control things and keep things in order (even though they fail at that half the time). i believe that a government that commands my respect is one that is a constitutional one. they make the rules, and they expect us to simply obey them. the role of civil disobedience in todays society is to obtain things without violence, such as marches. its meant to disrupt people’s daily life so they become aware of the thing the people are marching for. i believe that its effective because people are going to notice if their day is being disrupted because of civil disobedience. it makes people listen, and consider.

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