End Of Argument

Over the course of this entire debate, my views of argument have changed drastically. Instead of mindless bickering back and forth, i have learned that an argument is much more complex than i had originally thought. It taught me how to better form an argument, even for small things. Instead of just coming up with a weak argument, i can better formulate one. At the beginning of this unit, ill be honest. I thought it was stupid, pointless. When i found out we were actually debating one-on-one, i panicked. I hated the fact that it was one-on-one, because i instantly felt pressured to not embarrass myself. I didn’t really take the debate seriously until my turn to go was around the corner. Thats when i really started to get it together and prepare. The experience of debating in general has helped me become better at it, and it kinda helped my social anxiety, too. Now, coming up with everything in the actual debate was rather difficult. Im the type of person that prefers knowing whats going to be said, and whats going to happen, but i didnt have that choice in this debate. So writing the debate was kinda hectic for me. But overall, this entire thing has been an experience. Its taught me important elements to an argument, whether it be one in everyday life, or its a professional debate.

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