Gun Control- My topic and my take on it

As the title suggests, my topic is gun control. The position I got was in favor of gun control, and i’m not complaining about it. I already supported gun control in the first place, so that’s a bonus I guess. I’m rather against senseless killing so i’m rather glad I got this topic. I already know the basics of this, less guns means less deaths, which is pretty cool. I mean, i’m not complaining, I’d like to know I can walk down the street without getting shot because someone “felt” like it. That’s a bonus. But other than that, I know that a lot of people aren’t really for gun control, which is stupid. The first thing that pops up when I google search it is something about Virginia’s laws with Medicaid and gun control. i don’t really know what that’s about. I’d approach this pretty logically with the same thing i said before, less guns means less deaths. I don’t think it can get any more logical than that, it’s not rocket science. An ethical issue i think people would have with this is what the constitution has to say about it. It says that people have the right to bear arms, but I think a law restricting that would be a good thing. Some peopleĀ  should not be allowed to own a gun, simply because if a gun gets in the wrong hands, a lot of people could potentially get hurt. A strong emotion i can bring into play is sadness. Many families have lost their family members due to unreasonable murders with guns, and this is one big reason why there should be more gun control. People shouldn’t have to be afraid to step outside because of unreasonable deaths. That’s why there should be more gun control.



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