blog 8, final poem, first thoughts

i thought that the poem “Smile” was a very deep and meaningful poem, with good word choice, structure, and style. it was very well written and thought out. it was very visual, and it had great diction. my reaction to this story was rather sad, i felt the emotions of the character so clearly. the imagery helped me better understand how the character was feeling, and why. A few questions i have for this poem include what inspired it? what does the author mean when he says that “the house is empty? how did the author choose such perfect allusions that fit so well? i think that this poem could possibly be about depression, and that the character can’t find his smile. the character says that hes constantly stuck in quiet desperation, and he seems to feel hopeless about his situation. i think that some allusions are most important to the work, including all the Eagles allusions. they’re important because the song Hotel California is about struggling with drugs, and while this song may not be about drug addiction, it seems to reflect upon the characters personal struggles of life, and not being able to find his smile due to depression.  i also think that the allusions regarding the sirens is also important to the poem because it shows that the character feels pathetic and unwanted to the point that even the mythical mermaids, who are known to lure in random men to their deaths, wouldn’t even bother singing out to the character. one last allusion i thought was important was “Thoreau’s quiet desperation”. i think its important because the character often reflects on his life, constantly waiting for something to happen, and being expected to be told what to do. the allusion is important because the character feels lost in this, the quiet desperation, and it might be because he expects everything to be simply explained to him.  i also thought the allusion “dynamo of night” was important because the characters depression seems to be caused by a multitude of things, including the forced conformity of society. the character seems to feel trapped by this, and unable to express themselves due to society’s judgement.

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