My Attempted Short Story

The 6 word short story that i chose was ‘Please, this is everything, I swear.’. I chose this quote because i decided that it was dramatic enough for the part in my story where the protagonist approaches his family about something. What he’s approaching them for, i don’t know yet, but it just sounded too dramatic for me NOT to put in. As for what its about, that’s currently a jumbled mess inside my head, but ill try to piece it together for you. The story is about a boy named Joshua who lived in faction York, a futurized version of what is now New York. Joshua and his family live in the poverty section, unlike the elites who bathe in their own riches and success. Joshua and his family, as well as thousands of other people, live in the slum-like area because of generations before them committing crimes or going against the previous presidents of the faction. Once these crimes are committed, all of the next generations are left to suffer in poverty and lay in the shadow of the elite. During this time period, the lunar eclipse that occurs symbolizes the change of ruler ship, and the son of the last president takes control. During this eclipse, Joshua tries to do everything in his power to take advantage of the distracted faction, so him and his family can escape to a close faction nearby that isn’t as cruel as faction York, and offers a better chance at living for him and his family. I don’t know how i came about this story, i kind of just thought it up while trying to write my old story, so this is the brainchild of it. Originally my story was about a technology take over. i also didn’t intend on a happy ending but i suppose that changed too. i don’t know what happened to the original technopocalypse, but this is the brainchild that stemmed from it. The characters haven’t really changed that much, aside from the newest president being more evil. Well, I hope you enjoyed my rambling about the short story i’m trying to write, (and will probably rethink over and over again in a viscous cycle).

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