My Hectic Fair Week

My fair week was nothing special, just the usual people hogging the popular stands to get their food, me and my friend trying to shove past them while they stuff their faces and stop dead in the middle of the pathway. But since my family lives so ridiculously close to the fairgrounds, we park cars in our backyard during fair week. Of course, we aren’t the only people that live that close to the fair that has a backyard or some area to park cars, so we naturally had some rivalry. We normally don’t have any problems parking cars when it comes to the neighbors, our closest neighbor usually takes turns with the cars that come to park, but these specific people just wanted something to fight about. The neighbors down the street were especially jealous that we were parking more cars than them, as well as sharing with our closest neighbor, and they thought that the most logical thing to do was be spiteful about it. They liked to change the amount that we charged on the signs ($4) when we went in for the night. When they realized that we could easily replace the parking signs, they started to send their evil children after us, obnoxiously screeching about their staggeringly- low parking price of $3 with their high- pitched voices. they also enjoyed running up and down the alley to add for effect. we tolerated it until the middle of the fair week before we had decided that we had to approach them about it and set up a compromise so they would silence their obnoxious children. When we approached them to work out a deal, they were rather rude at first. We didn’t give up because we didn’t want to have to listen to children screaming all day, so we worked out a system that consisted of us sharing the cars, and that every other third car went to them. This actually worked, and the spitefulness and screeching children stopped, thankfully. Fair week was pretty tame after that, aside from the usual weirdos that occasionally parked in our yard.

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