My First Week Of School

My first week of school was pretty mediocre. Aside from all the preppy kids and all of the drama floating around the school (which iv’e cautiously avoided), it’s been relatively peaceful. The only thing that I disliked about this entire week was the anxiety-inducing activity of going around the room and telling fun facts about ourselves, which most likely no one payed attention to, anyways. well, i suppose that isnt the only thing that i hated. i hated the tension headaches i got because of screaming children navigating the halls. i was also VERY annoyed when freshies would bump into me, walk very slow in front of me, or just completely stop in front of me. aside from all the negatives, i was finally put into a lunch with most of my friends, unlike last year, which i was surrounded by immature freshies. The amount of school work on the first day is almost crippling, considering that we just started the school year. Aside from the first week of school, i didn’t really learn anything major from the presentations in this class that I didn’t already know, except for maybe a hobby or two from some people. i did enjoy the sarcastic ones though, i found them to be the most entertaining. there wasnt really much to learn about me, you basically got that i was every angsty teen ever the moment i went to present, with my emo music taste, and sometimes my apparel. As for my favorite story, that’s a tough one. I like several different novels and such, but to save time, i’m going to be the stereotypical teen and say that its the hunger games. I like this story because its a dystopian novel, which is my favorite book genre. The story is just captivating to me, the entire concept and the outcome.


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