Blog 15

After reading the excerpt from Thoreau’s “Walden”, I have concluded that both he and Emerson believed deeply in the beauty and meaning behind nature. They both believe that an individuals meaning of life can be found through their own thoughts or actions. However, they expressed different elements of why they believed so much in the meaning of nature and natural doing. Emerson leans heavily upon each individual having an understanding in religious studies and that they looked for truths in nature. He also explains how the mind of a person is influenced by the beauty of nature. He says that human minds and nature are compatible, meaning that neither have any beginning or any end. Emerson believes that if one can understand nature, they can understand themselves. On another note, Thoreau explains his longing for living in the heart of nature. In a language much easier to understand than Emerson’s, he describes his dreams of building a home in which he can live his life; somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the common people. They both support the understanding that we have everything in this world is connected to each other somehow. The next thing that I noticed that the two have in common is their opinion towards government. They each wanted to see a change in the overall condition of their government. Thoreau believed that the government should not brown nose into peoples’ personal business, but also encouraged that common people remain civil towards the government. Emerson had a similar belief in that he wished for the government to remain in such power but that they not control the lives of others.

The purpose of “Where I Lived, And What I Died For” is essentially to make clear of the expectations in which life should be lived. I believe that the conclusion of the work is to convince us as society to just wake up and smell the roses; realize we’re digging a deeper grave than we think. I think that Thoreau’s wishes to leave society behind him and to live on his own is something I would definitely consider. I’m a social person at most times, but I also really enjoy being alone. I believe I could successfully handle being on my own.  

Independent Reading

I think that the purpose of independent reading is to offer a student some down time to doze off into someone else’s world for a while. The issue is, the school makes it nearly impossible for students to have any downtime. With the overwhelming homework and constant studying required to be efficient in classes, the last thing students care about is independent reading.

My first book is Katie Cotugno’s Top Ten. My reasoning behind choosing this particular book is mainly because I am really drawn in to sappy romances novels, happy ending or not. And it really helped that the book cover was cute.

Upon completing the first chapter, I feel like the friendship/relationship between Gabby and Ryan is either going to soar to new heights or plummet to the ground and become so awkward. My initial reaction to this book was knowing that I was obviously going to enjoy it because it’s simply the kind of beginning story line that I can get into.

My biggest concern about the movie trailer focuses mainly on who will be used to mimic the events in the story. I’ll have to find some couple to star in the trailer, that is, if I am understanding this assignment correctly.


Initial thoughts are a vague topic. I really have no clue where this is going. It’s something I don’t quite understand. I still have to look back at the classroom to check the spelling. Honestly, I thing it’s too big a word with too much meaning. Why do it this way when you can have lots of little words with simpler meaning? Another bout of honesty, the notes that were given are overwhelming. I really could use a period to go over them in class because they reflect on a lot more than what is quickly digestible by the average 11th grade student. I think that this big t word relates to the ongoing circle of life, or the concept in which everything is connected. I believe that man is naturally good. I believe that it is the big man upstairs who gives individuals their own battles. He puts them to the test to see how much they can really handle. Men are naturally good until they are pushed to the breaking point. It is at that moment that they get to decide whether to take the path of least resistance (path towards evil and cowardliness) or the path that guarantees more obstacles to be laying ahead but the potential of a better outcome when the end is reached. Take a look back to the beginning of it all. Man does not need society to succeed. If that was true, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing away right now.  The homo-sapiens and neanderthals didn’t have any form of government or written out society to follow along with. They survived for a significant period of time to eventually evolve into what we humans are today. On another note, I think that transcendentalism is an over exaggerated term for describing how it is crucial to stay true to yourself. We covered in class that imitation is suicide, and I believe that 100%. Society can create concrete walls, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stay between them. We are allowed to be unique and independent and special. Society restrains us to do the exact opposite. That is my argument. We are all different, and it’s meant to be that way.

Blog 13: End of Argument

I had the general concept of formal argument understood. However, the essay part of this assignment taught me more. The whole time that I was working on my outline for the essay, I thought it was way too much work for the end result and that I wasn’t going to use it anyway. Surprisingly, I’m really glad that I put so much time into the outline because it made the rest of the assignments so much easier. All my work was already organized, and in a format that was simple enough to alter into a guide for my debate and into the APA essay. I never understood how a former teacher of mine always seemed to be right about everything. Not that he was right every single time, but he was always confident and somewhat prepared to win whatever argument he was going to get into. I always thought that he had too much time on his hands since he more or less claimed he was nocturnal, which was true. But it turns out he just looked in the right places for his general understanding of information and he was confident, even if he had the slightest concern that his argument was invalid. I wish I would’ve known how to do this in the past, simply so I could catch him in cross examination and maybe a rebuttal just to show that sometimes, sometimes he wasn’t right. I tend to argue in a way that ends all debate because no one else knows what to say or they realize that they’re probably going to be wrong, or I simply dodge the question and make it backfire. My peers, well, those are the ones I’m usually arguing with, and unlike me, they’ll take a loss. Adults on the other hand… if you’re a smart kid at all, you’ll just shut your mouth and let them be right because you’ll keep your chances of minimal punishment. In respects to the way that they construct arguments, parents are always right so the “because I said so” statement is actually full of evidence and statistics and at that point, they’ve already won. I think that the best debate was probably the debate on text books vs technology, mainly because of the cross examination. It was a lighter topic that offered some unintentional comic relief. However, I was disappointed in the lack of hot comebacks from both sides. The second best argument was the one of lowering the drinking age to 18, mainly because one side openly admitted that they were not prepared 😉 

Blog 11

My topic for this wonderful debate is the legalization of recreational marijuana. I was awarded with the pro stance on this topic. To be completely honest, I am not sure what my personal stance on the topic is yet. I’d like to research the unbiased logic on the legalization of recreational marijuana before I settle on a concrete opinion. However, I am vaguely neutral on the subject. I think that it is both a good and bad resolution for the day-to-day issues and controversy that our nation faces. Before research, I know that this has been a movement that has been argued and fought over and talked about for several years. It started with the legalization of medical marijuana, and has now made its way to be legal for recreational purposes. In other words, for the states that have legalized weed, people can simply walk into a store and buy a joint or two (at least that’s how I’m understanding it at this point). I am positive that there is more to it, but just how much? That, I do not know. With a basic google search, the most common idea that is touched on is the states that are assumed to adopt cannabis laws in 2018.Logically, I plan to approach this topic with an open mind and an understanding for all stances on it. I’d like to use the resources recently given to us to learn as much as possible about the legalization of marijuana and to be able to significantly understand it for when it comes time to debate the stance i’ve been assigned. An ethical issue regarding this topic would be that in our area especially, this whole legalization process isn’t a very hot topic, and it’s not as important to us as it is to people in other states. Emotions can be brought into play simply by how different people were raised in different ways.


There is absolutely no reason to change the recipe of the fan-favorite Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. A man once said, “Why fix something that isn’t broke?”. I could not agree more. I think that this is highly controversial and needs to be discussed and fought for worldwide. The only reason that the son of the founder has changed the recipe is because he wants to see more profit coming out of this product. He has no care for the opinion of his buyers. Some may say that all chocolate tastes the same. Well, we have some news…for…you. There is QUITE a difference between GOOD chocolate and CHEAP chocolate. I don’t mean cheap as in price, I mean cheap as in quality; taste. It could be the most expensive chocolate in the world, but having a fancy Italian name on the product label does not improve the taste by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, this “healthful” little nut spread with chocolate flavor had its recipe tampered with. The manufacturer may have thought that consumers of the world wouldn’t notice his slight little change in the ingredients, but they most definitely did. Now, he has a whole wrath of food lovers snapping back on him from all over the world. In some countries, this chocolaty spread is put in between buns and meat in burgers. In other countries, it is eaten and devoured by the spoonful. Consumers run to chocolate to solve their problems and bring them comfort in times of stress, menstruation, and celebration. Now, you tell me how Grandma felt when her afternoon snack of Nutella and crackers was interrupted by some new and unimproved taste? Poor Grandma had to forego her snack and wait until the family got home for supper. What about that college girl who can barely afford groceries every week? She’s extremely stressed and looking to gain that Freshman 15 so who in the right mind would take the privilege of Nutella on toast for dinner away from her? That’s what I thought. No one. Nutella is a godsend to many and it is simply a crime against humanity to change the recipe in even the slightest way. So Mr. Panties in a Bunch over there in Italy, how ’bout you make your Papa proud and stick to his original recipe. The world wants to know, is it too much to ask to just do the right thing?

Franklin’s Virtues

I’ll be honest. Throughout the weekend, I really made no effort to abide by Franklin’s virtues. Instead, I went about life how I would typically live it and being that this blog is due tonight, I am thinking about my results throughout the weekend, well, now. I will explain my results in the order as displayed in the Then and Now assignment. First is Temperance. We rephrased this as not overeating and practicing sobriety. Much to my surprise, I did respect this virtue. For our weekly Sunday Supper at my grandparents’, I usually pig out on whatever the current week’s meal is, the main course and the dessert because it is the only night of the week that I eat dessert. However, today I avoided my usual plate and a half and stuck to one plate, and replaced my bowl of ice cream with a small piece of brownie and a small piece of cookie cake. Next on the list was Silence. I did fulfill this virtue in the act of going to work today and engaging in lively conversation with my coworkers as well as with my family at supper. Moving on to Resolution. I did not fulfill this virtue. I went out for the last day of rifle season on Saturday. After nearly having a squirrel jump in my stand with me and only see a doe in a yard across the gut, I got frustrated and went home. Frugality, I guess I somewhat fulfilled this because I made shrimp for dinner last night and it was oh so tasty. Industry…clearly that’s a no because here I am writing this blog almost last minute…not to mention i started a new netflix series when i had other work to be done. Sincerity, no. We all talked about how stupid our one delivery driver is after he continued to screw things up throughout the day. Justice, well, I hate PETA and was giving almost 100% to kill some deer so hahaha no, I don’t care about yuppy citizens. Moderation, nope, not really sure. Cleanliness- yep. I showered. And washed my dishes. Tranquility, no. Still fired up about the full moon messing with my meat inventory this year. Chasity, clearly I have no time to deal with anything but practicing chastity nor do i choose any thing else. Humility… i don’t know. As far as ones we created, Appreciation is the one i have realized applies to me the most. I’m not sure what did it, but today i couldn’t help but to smile ear to ear, because I honestly and truly realized how grateful I am, and for that, i will forever appreciate the little things in life.

Final Poem made my hair fall out

I took one look at this assignment, and slammed the surf shut. Waste. Of. Time. I don’t understand it, nor do I want to understand it. It has no attention grabbing device. It was torture to “read” through and was the most irrelevant thing I have ever “read”. I wasn’t going to let something like this ruin my weekend, so I guess I can admit that this was procrastination at it’s finest. However, I still did my best to try to understand the poem. Like I said in my last blog, we have beaten poetry to death with a wet mop and this was not the cherry on top to finish. I have been pondering the fact that this was random topics smashed into words which were then added into lines in the most unorganized fashion as humanely possible. You know when parents tell their children “you’re a piece of work” after they did something nonsensical and ridiculous? Yeah, well. This really is a piece of work. I hope no one finds that offensive, but at the same time, I get the vibe that the author of this work really just wanted to annoy the snot out of readers. So maybe they’re finding joy and pride and satisfaction in the pain it is causing it’s readers. Although, it’s not causing me much pain because I am not allowing myself to care. It’s like the senior-itis of the poetry unit. I am ready to be done and could care less. I really just want to stop hating poetry. I miss listening to music and picking out symbols without really knowing I was doing it. Poetry has made me so sick that I’ve been doing something I rarely ever do…I’ve been watching paranormal activity TV shows to relieve my brain of stress from poetry. I am so sick of that p word and all the elements of that p topic. I. JUST. WANT. TO. BE. DONE. I’m about as done with this as I am done with waiting until I can sit out in a tree and watch nature live before my very own closed eyelids. That is all. Good night. And goodbye… poetry 

poetry in the classroom is gross

Writing poetry can be  fun-really fun. It can be relaxing, and can help you clear your mind….UNLESS it is a graded assignment to be turned in on google classroom. My personal definition of poetry is spilling words out onto a paper in a naturally flowing rhythm to clear your mind of that thought or issue. It can be enjoyable. The enjoyment is ripped from the process when there are guidelines to follow and specific elements to be inserted. I still like poetry, just not in the classroom atmosphere where it is beaten to death with a wet mop. With that said, writing the poetry at the degree of complexity we were expected to, is far worse than simply reading and slightly analyzing a poem in class. Why do we need to write poems when there are writers upon writers who have already written millions of poems? Why are we cluttering the world with more pathetic, poorly written, amateur poems when there are so many precious, well-known works of art that have yet to be analyzed by the bone. Seems like a waste of time and utilities to me.

Poetry is such an undermined word. There is so much more to the fancy stanza forms and complicated rhythmic forms. Each line contributes to some amazing story full of detail. I believe that if students weren’t assigned analytical homework and even classwork with time limits, they’d find more enjoyment in poetry. What saves me and keeps me motivated to complete our assignments is my love for music. I understand that modern music is more or less poetry with music added to it. In fact, it IS poetry in which music is played to. The music is used to help the audience feel the tone and mood of the poem without having to think about the meaning behind the lyrics. So I guess I just concluded that music is poetry for dummies. I think we should just start analyzing songs instead of historic poetry. It would be far more interesting for the majority of students, and students would be more likely to successfully associate the different elements of poetry in songs.

I miss English 10H

After being pushed and pushed to pick a six word short story, I finally relaxed enough over it to choose, “She lied. He cried. She died.”. I feel the same about imaginative writing in school as Mr. Moser feels about decaf coffee- if you don’t need it to function here and now, don’t worry about it. It was quite a struggle and took three brainstorms of other six word short stories to figure out, but I think I finally have it. I really don’t agree with how were are being asked to approach it. For me, it’s seeming very difficult to layout a story around a structure. I’d much rather just write what comes to mind and alter it as I go. As far as answering your second question, I don’t really understand what you’re asking. “Concept” is written three times and I’m not sure if you were talking or tired while putting the assignment up or if I am just simply not connecting the dots. It took me a while to discover my bases, but I think I have enough to start now. Answering specific questions in the point of view of my characters is challenging because I’m not used to framing everything right away, and I always worry about changing things as I go. I don’t want to submit an outline if I think I may end up changing one of the responses (which I know I will at some point throughout this process), especially when I doesn’t get returned and I can’t edit any assignment. However, once I got on the right train of thought, it all started coming to me and I buzzed through the Character and Setting Development paper. It’s difficult to answer a select few of the questions for my characters because I can’t even answer them for myself. The most common question asked among high school students is about what they want to do when they grow up. Our goals are constantly fluctuating and it results in us being so indecisive and added unnecessary stress. As soon as a student gives an answer, it is shot down or made to seem like something they don’t want. It’s a part of life, but it sucks. More or less, I’m ready to get this short story thing done and over with.