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Reading through and lightly analyzing each piece, it is evident that these themes run parallel. I feel that they all push the reality that people feel like their lives have little meaning. We broke The Love Song down in class and decided that it was really about the author understanding that time is precious but that others aren’t as fortunate and are unable to understand that. The poem helps focus on how alone the author really feels. He lives a sort of “fly on the wall” sort of life, and admires the things that others take for granted… things that he can’t have. Disillusionment of 10 o’clock  seems to focus on the longing for something that the author once had and doesn’t have anymore, or something that he or she went through and never overcame. The author is latched on to something in the past that has clearly affected them in a negative way; a way that is hindering them from moving on with their life. Anyone lived in a pretty town is about an “anyone” who is a “someone” feeling like they’re a “no one”. People in this poem are only ever classified as “anyone”s or “someone”s and I feel that that really emphasizes on the continued theme that people really are feeling as if they don’t mean anything to others. That others don’t care, and don’t try enough to reach out. I think that this piece really touches on how life can be so complicated yet so bland and…lifeless… at the same time. Together, I feel that all three of these pieces are super relevant to today’s society. Each of them emphasize that there is struggle, and loss, and longing for more than what we think we have.  So many people have so little, yet all the others that think they are so unfortunate while they have a world in a half right in front of them. I liked anyone lived in a pretty town the most because I feel that it is the most modernized. When I read it, I hear a young voice speak, as if they’re telling their story and exactly how they feel. Image result for one person standing out from others

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