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Image result for jim and huckThe moment we’ve all been waiting on has finally come, and I think that it marks one of the most important events in the entire story. The king has sold Jim to the Phelps family for only $40, only so he had money to go get drunk. At this time, Huck has a great chance to mature. While the con men are proving more and more that money really is the only thing that matters, Huck begins to see Jim as someone who is equal to himself and he starts treating him that way. He realizes that he really couldn’t live without Jim, so he decides to do something about the given circumstances. This is when Huck finally disposes of the toxic con men that he’s allowed to destroy so much and show a major leap of maturity. This is a big step because it supports the theme of Huck maturing into a responsible kid. Huck puts himself in great risk of danger to save his friend. As for the duke and the king, they have by no means gotten any better at being decent human beings. They’re continuing to scam towns into giving them money. Next is the introduction of Sally and Silas Phelps (the family who Jim was sold to). The Phelps own a slave-run cotton farm and they are open enough to feel a bit welcoming to Huck.  They were kind enough to be sort of oblivious to Tom Sawyer coming into the picture, though he was really a complete stranger. Despite Jim being in  situation that Huck so desperately wants to get him out of, this may be the end of the struggling for Jim and Huck. I think that they may eventually find their big break here. I think that the farm is a symbol of southern romanticism. I am hoping that the plot carries on to give Huck and Jim some relief. Whether that happens or not is up in the air. This may be the start of something new for the both of them and a chance for them to do the things that good friends deserve to do together instead of escaping difficult situations left and right.

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