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Reading through and lightly analyzing each piece, it is evident that these themes run parallel. I feel that they all push the reality that people feel like their lives have little meaning. We broke The Love Song down in class and decided that it was really about the author understanding that time is precious but that others aren’t as fortunate and are unable to understand that. The poem helps focus on how alone the author really feels. He lives a sort of “fly on the wall” sort of life, and admires the things that others take for granted… things that he can’t have. Disillusionment of 10 o’clock  seems to focus on the longing for something that the author once had and doesn’t have anymore, or something that he or she went through and never overcame. The author is latched on to something in the past that has clearly affected them in a negative way; a way that is hindering them from moving on with their life. Anyone lived in a pretty town is about an “anyone” who is a “someone” feeling like they’re a “no one”. People in this poem are only ever classified as “anyone”s or “someone”s and I feel that that really emphasizes on the continued theme that people really are feeling as if they don’t mean anything to others. That others don’t care, and don’t try enough to reach out. I think that this piece really touches on how life can be so complicated yet so bland and…lifeless… at the same time. Together, I feel that all three of these pieces are super relevant to today’s society. Each of them emphasize that there is struggle, and loss, and longing for more than what we think we have.  So many people have so little, yet all the others that think they are so unfortunate while they have a world in a half right in front of them. I liked anyone lived in a pretty town the most because I feel that it is the most modernized. When I read it, I hear a young voice speak, as if they’re telling their story and exactly how they feel. Image result for one person standing out from others

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Upon finishing Huck Finn, my reasoning  behind not enjoying books has become even more elaborate. Most books are capable of getting me too emotionally involved. However, this book didn’t even have to do that for me to hate it. It was straightforward enough to somewhat understand, but I will probably never enjoy a book that is assigned to be read by the whole class. It was bearable to read because we always elaborated the content into great detail the next day in class. Huck Finn  was fairly successful as far as teaching me the elements of various themes, such as maturity throughout the novel and southern romanticism. This novel was definitely written in a different culture of speaking than many of the books I’ve read. It caused the reading aspect to be more of a headache than one could enjoy. It required far too much attention to be had towards just the speech rather than connecting the dots of the actual story. This novel drug out longer than other books as well, mainly because it didn’t real my state of mind in as well and I get extremely bothered when I’m assigned to read things that I have no interest in reading…but hey, that’s life. The last few chapters of the book were all over the place. One would have a ton of detail and figurative action going on while another chapter brought the book to a somewhat expected, yet abrupt end. If I could change the novel, I’d have out another mild chapter in that could sort of wean the reader off of the thick content of the previous chapter. I think that the biggest lesson to be taken from this novel is that the people that mean the most to you could be right in front of  you, even if you don’t see them. Sometimes, the people who say the things we don’t want to hear are the people who care the most for us. I really do think that the novel pertains to current events that are taking place in society today, mainly because racism is still a huge issue, and people can have different personalities depending on which individual they are currently associating with. We have to be careful with who we trust in today’s society just as much as we had to back then.

Our Huck Finn project is to be displayed through a Buzzfeed quiz. We picked this project with the point in mind that our classmates can choose different prefernces on the path to finding out if they’re more like Huck or Tom. I am hoping that our classmates will enjoy being engaged in our project as individuals.Image result for buzzfeed

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Image result for jim and huckThe moment we’ve all been waiting on has finally come, and I think that it marks one of the most important events in the entire story. The king has sold Jim to the Phelps family for only $40, only so he had money to go get drunk. At this time, Huck has a great chance to mature. While the con men are proving more and more that money really is the only thing that matters, Huck begins to see Jim as someone who is equal to himself and he starts treating him that way. He realizes that he really couldn’t live without Jim, so he decides to do something about the given circumstances. This is when Huck finally disposes of the toxic con men that he’s allowed to destroy so much and show a major leap of maturity. This is a big step because it supports the theme of Huck maturing into a responsible kid. Huck puts himself in great risk of danger to save his friend. As for the duke and the king, they have by no means gotten any better at being decent human beings. They’re continuing to scam towns into giving them money. Next is the introduction of Sally and Silas Phelps (the family who Jim was sold to). The Phelps own a slave-run cotton farm and they are open enough to feel a bit welcoming to Huck.  They were kind enough to be sort of oblivious to Tom Sawyer coming into the picture, though he was really a complete stranger. Despite Jim being in  situation that Huck so desperately wants to get him out of, this may be the end of the struggling for Jim and Huck. I think that they may eventually find their big break here. I think that the farm is a symbol of southern romanticism. I am hoping that the plot carries on to give Huck and Jim some relief. Whether that happens or not is up in the air. This may be the start of something new for the both of them and a chance for them to do the things that good friends deserve to do together instead of escaping difficult situations left and right.