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My selected author is the poet, Donald Hall. I chose him because his general biography really interested me. He is well known for his amazing works of poetry, and beautiful memoirs. After reading the epilogues to some of his books and his simple, yet sophisticated poems, I was immediately drawn to his work. Right now, the three works I am most interested in are his poems, Tubes, Without, and Ox Cart Man. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will choose other poems as the most interesting when I get the chance to pick them apart and analyze them further. I really like how Hall includes literal elements into his poems that help them to flow nicely and make them slightly easier to understand. Without is about the loss of Hall’s beloved wife and poet, Jane Kenyon. It’s a devastatingly sad poem that reaches into the readers heart and allows them to get emotionally attached to what Hall is describing throughout the work. Ox Cart Man is one of Hall’s most known pieces, making it one that I would like to look deeper into. As I am exploring more, I am finding more interesting poems that I did not put on my list. Donald Hall was very open-minded when it came to writing about his personal life with his wife. He has a vast variety of different types of poems that he has constructed, making him known as a versatile poet. Hall was born in the late 1920’s, and was the single child of a businessman and his wife. He was born in Connecticut, but spent much of his life in rural New Hampshire. He married Jane Kenyon as his second wife, and they were the subject/inspiration of the Emmy Award-winning Bill Moyers documentary, A Life Together. Hall is responsible for publishing 15 books of poems and several exceptional essay books.

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