Blog 21

Honestly, as much as I hate to admit, this novel is not as bad as I thought it was. It has definitely grabbed and somehow held on to my attention. The dialogue and language is difficult to understand at times, but if you think as if you had the mentality of the narrator, it become significantly easier to float through. The sequence of events has flowed nicely up to this point as well. The transition between chapters and different stories is easy to follow and understand. The element that draws me in the most is that it the story seems to be written from the point of view of a child, or someone of an age that is not yet mature, but the way the character thinks and his actions and what he has to live through seem to be traits of someone who is a bit older. In one minor way, I feel that Huck is wise beyond is years, but only in a very tiny, small, itty bitty, little aspect. As far as other characters, I think Huck has a person for every need. He has Miss Watson, who does her best to keep him in check and on track. She tries to make a decent person out of him without letting his leash too lose. Then there’s Tom Sawyer, the devil on Huck’s shoulder. Someone to keep him on the edge and tell him all the wrong things that he wants to hear. There’s Miss Watson’s Jim, who is a bit of an entertaining outlier for Huck; someone to take the hit of being less intelligent than Huck. The last significant character, I think, is Pap Finn. When Pap Finn is introduced, I think the readers gain an understanding of why Huck is the way he is. Pap Finn is an essential character to develop the kind of character that Huck is. I see him as the best and worst thing on Huck’s list of favorites. Huck enjoys time with his father because he has no school, no responsibility, but he also hates it at the same time because he is locked up in complete isolation and alone with just an old abusive drunk. I see this as an eye for an eye kind of deal, and I believe that explains Huck’s character very well.

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