Blog 20

I found¬†“The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” a very interesting story that happened to be written quite well. The irony of the story turns out to be the most intriguing factor, as the narrator describes Simon Wheeler as a dumb, bald, moron when he actually turns out to be the smartest character in the whole big deal of the entire story. He actually is extremely intelligent and even fires some shots at the narrator. I found the greatest humor when the gambling man, Jim Smiley, bet that a dog with only two legs would win a fight against a dog in it’s prime. It’s difficult for a dog to live on two legs in this modern age, let alone back then…not to mention winning a fight in which he was clearly the disadvantaged opponent.

As for the Independent Reading assignment for the 3rd quarter, I’m still on the edge. However, as time goes on, I am realizing that I enjoyed something different. Instead of the dreaded AR test, it was a dreaded book trailer, which almost all of us still allowed ourselves to procrastinate over. It was something new and something that made us think deeper into the story rather than just what the test questions were.

Then we have Huck Finn. To this point, I don’t have any reason to really not like it. It’s a story that I think I can get interested in and actually want to read. I am guessing that it will be an action filled story where Huck Finn joins Sawyer and follows his footsteps.¬†

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