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I am pretty sure that I have been surrounded by forms of satire my whole life. I come from a family who’s always engaging in some sort of dry humor and smart remarks. We all have a strong sense of sarcasm, and often use it when we are implying the exact opposite. It’s something I grew up around, and it clearly shines through in my personality. I would google types of humor, but my WiFi is being so incredibly slow that it took my add new post page ten minutes to load, so I’m not even gonna try to load another site. I pick on people a lot, but I’m the person who only picks on people who I like…I don’t target people I don’t know or am not close friends with to make jokes about or pick at. My closest friends get picked on the most, and if I make smart remarks towards you or am sarcastic about your remarks, chances are, I can deal with your company or maybe I even enjoy it.
In this SNL skit of Hillary at the Bar, the script picks at detailed actions and phrases that Hillary often uses. The actual Hillary Clinton plays as the bartender and her script is to finish the sentences of the acting Hillary. The satire here is mainly touching on Hillary making a big deal of little things and not having a straight story,
It seems that Mark Twain, whose real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens, tells of his childhood through the settings of his work. He often sets his stories in places that resemble is hometown of Hannibal, Missouri. His fictional river towns are pretty from the outside looking in, but the reality deep inside is full of drunks, loneliness, cruelty and poverty. Sam experienced a lot of death as a child, watching a local murder a cattle rancher, and a slave dying after being beat with iron. I think that is what I find most interesting. Mark Twain was trying to draw attention to the what seemed to be hopeless lives of misfortune that were being lived.

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