Blog 19 Vertigo

I am so extremely frustrated with this film. I am half convinced that Madeleine is lucid enough to mess with Johns mind. There is no way someone could be so manipulative without knowing. Not to mention, she has to have realized that John is follows her. Maybe she thinks that his stalking is more out of a love struck interest. NOT TO MENTION, John is such a terrible stalker. However, i found faith in him when he played the “i’ll just go with you” card… that was a smooth move executed by not-so-slick john/scottie. At this point in the film, I feel that johns fear of heights has taken a mild pause. It hasn’t been very relevant in the plot recently. Not since he looked out the hotel window, in fact. I’ll give the film some credit, though. I was fairly emotionally involved by the time the period ended last week. Our notes on the film are pretty humorous, all while being accurate, and I think that analyzing and taking notes as we watched is an explanation to why i was getting so involved. My attention was entirely on this film by the time that Midge painted herself as the woman in the painting. I was irritated about how John didn’t even stay behind long enough to act like he had no clue what Midge was referencing. I was ready for a show…or ready for Midge to completely tear John apart. The other thing i noticed is that Kim Novak (Madeline) was quite beautiful in her youth. I’m sure that everyone on set probably fell in love with her at first sight. I am very curious to see what else happens inĀ Vertigo, because if I am emotionally involved now, what’s it gonna come to as this twisted love story progresses?

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