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After listening to each of the groups analyze their designated sections in front of the class, as well as answer specific questions that were asked, I was benefited with a much better understanding of what this piece is really all about. I am extremely grateful that we were only given fractions of the entire piece to tear apart and understand, because even with less material included, it is still significantly challenging. I think that each of the groups did outstanding work to help the rest of the class understand the meaning behind their assigned sections.

I think that the presentation on sections 4 and 9 was the most appealing to me. It really focused on being your own person and to believe in your own desired values. These sections explain that you are the person who chooses how your life goes. Whitman says that sometimes we need to sit out of the fight because we make the same mistakes over and over. This particular section of the work actually gives me a push of motivation. It irritates me that he wants us to give up and not fight through to find the answers to the same old problems that reoccur. He also points out that people live through unimaginable circumstances and it makes others wonder how it’s possible. In other words, he says that uncertainty is life’s biggest obstacle.

“Song of Myself” relates to today’s society because there is so much pressure on young adults and even middle aged people on deciding how they want to live the rest of their lives. Students are questioned in as early as elementary school of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. The questions becomes more and more realistic as middle school rolls around, and most accurately- high school. This work explains that decisions made now can affect us for the rest of our lives, which is what we are told time and time again.

What questions/thoughts/concerns do you still have about the work? How would you rate this poem?

There are parts here and there that I feel weren’t elaborate enough throughout presentations. It was difficult to take notes while listening to and considering the discussion of each line. I would now rate this poem at around a three out of five, only because its schoolwork, which makes it unwanted to begin with, and it is difficult to interpret without the help of someone who does understand.

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