Blog 17

I think that the whole “that government is best which governs least” thing is a pile of rubbish. The role of the government is to ensure a secure and stable environment to enable free trade and innovation. The government is expected to secure it’s country’s borders, protect against threats from the inside, and protect it from threats from the outside. The government is expected to allow citizens of the country to better themselves as much as they can. The government is supposed to encourage it’s citizens to do better for themselves. The government is assumed to be responsible for keeping the peace among citizens and other countries.

Every government commands your respect. In order for a government to work, it needs to be respected by its citizens. However, the government also needs to respect it’s citizens. Its a domino effect. If the government does something that citizens don’t like, citizens react. If citizens cross the line and do something that the government doesn’t like, the government reacts. Its an ongoing battle that I don’t see any end to. Strict government leads to rebellious citizens, loose government leads to citizens not necessarily rebelling but being able to do what they want with minimal restriction or punishment. Honestly, I think humans need to figure themselves out because things don’t look like they’re going to start looking up any time soon.

Civil disobedience is an immensely influential factor in how today’s society works. The peaceful protests of the past few years have been noticed by even the most isolated of cavemen, and most have them have been causing great change, mostly unproductive change. From “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter” to “Take A Knee” and “Me Too,” the face of rallying and rioting has hugely altered. I think the greater issue at hand is civil obedience, mainly because it seems so uncommon and seems to go unnoticed so often. Wait, that’s the point. People are only noticed if they break the law or cause inconvenience to others. This is what makes civil disobedience effective. Society has shyed away from taking consideration of those who strive to make a difference and has rather been attracted to rewarding the disobedience by giving it attention. I believe it is an effective technique but only to a certain extent, that extent being the the line between remaining civil and crossing into the land of hail marys where people go to extreme measures in only hopes of making a difference. 

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