Blog 13: End of Argument

I had the general concept of formal argument understood. However, the essay part of this assignment taught me more. The whole time that I was working on my outline for the essay, I thought it was way too much work for the end result and that I wasn’t going to use it anyway. Surprisingly, I’m really glad that I put so much time into the outline because it made the rest of the assignments so much easier. All my work was already organized, and in a format that was simple enough to alter into a guide for my debate and into the APA essay. I never understood how a former teacher of mine always seemed to be right about everything. Not that he was right every single time, but he was always confident and somewhat prepared to win whatever argument he was going to get into. I always thought that he had too much time on his hands since he more or less claimed he was nocturnal, which was true. But it turns out he just looked in the right places for his general understanding of information and he was confident, even if he had the slightest concern that his argument was invalid. I wish I would’ve known how to do this in the past, simply so I could catch him in cross examination and maybe a rebuttal just to show that sometimes, sometimes he wasn’t right. I tend to argue in a way that ends all debate because no one else knows what to say or they realize that they’re probably going to be wrong, or I simply dodge the question and make it backfire. My peers, well, those are the ones I’m usually arguing with, and unlike me, they’ll take a loss. Adults on the other hand… if you’re a smart kid at all, you’ll just shut your mouth and let them be right because you’ll keep your chances of minimal punishment. In respects to the way that they construct arguments, parents are always right so the “because I said so” statement is actually full of evidence and statistics and at that point, they’ve already won. I think that the best debate was probably the debate on text books vs technology, mainly because of the cross examination. It was a lighter topic that offered some unintentional comic relief. However, I was disappointed in the lack of hot comebacks from both sides. The second best argument was the one of lowering the drinking age to 18, mainly because one side openly admitted that they were not prepared 😉 

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