Blog 11

My topic for this wonderful debate is the legalization of recreational marijuana. I was awarded with the pro stance on this topic. To be completely honest, I am not sure what my personal stance on the topic is yet. I’d like to research the unbiased logic on the legalization of recreational marijuana before I settle on a concrete opinion. However, I am vaguely neutral on the subject. I think that it is both a good and bad resolution for the day-to-day issues and controversy that our nation faces. Before research, I know that this has been a movement that has been argued and fought over and talked about for several years. It started with the legalization of medical marijuana, and has now made its way to be legal for recreational purposes. In other words, for the states that have legalized weed, people can simply walk into a store and buy a joint or two (at least that’s how I’m understanding it at this point). I am positive that there is more to it, but just how much? That, I do not know. With a basic google search, the most common idea that is touched on is the states that are assumed to adopt cannabis laws in 2018.Logically, I plan to approach this topic with an open mind and an understanding for all stances on it. I’d like to use the resources recently given to us to learn as much as possible about the legalization of marijuana and to be able to significantly understand it for when it comes time to debate the stance i’ve been assigned. An ethical issue regarding this topic would be that in our area especially, this whole legalization process isn’t a very hot topic, and it’s not as important to us as it is to people in other states. Emotions can be brought into play simply by how different people were raised in different ways.

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