There is absolutely no reason to change the recipe of the fan-favorite Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. A man once said, “Why fix something that isn’t broke?”. I could not agree more. I think that this is highly controversial and needs to be discussed and fought for worldwide. The only reason that the son of the founder has changed the recipe is because he wants to see more profit coming out of this product. He has no care for the opinion of his buyers. Some may say that all chocolate tastes the same. Well, we have some news…for…you. There is QUITE a difference between GOOD chocolate and CHEAP chocolate. I don’t mean cheap as in price, I mean cheap as in quality; taste. It could be the most expensive chocolate in the world, but having a fancy Italian name on the product label does not improve the taste by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, this “healthful” little nut spread with chocolate flavor had its recipe tampered with. The manufacturer may have thought that consumers of the world wouldn’t notice his slight little change in the ingredients, but they most definitely did. Now, he has a whole wrath of food lovers snapping back on him from all over the world. In some countries, this chocolaty spread is put in between buns and meat in burgers. In other countries, it is eaten and devoured by the spoonful. Consumers run to chocolate to solve their problems and bring them comfort in times of stress, menstruation, and celebration. Now, you tell me how Grandma felt when her afternoon snack of Nutella and crackers was interrupted by some new and unimproved taste? Poor Grandma had to forego her snack and wait until the family got home for supper. What about that college girl who can barely afford groceries every week? She’s extremely stressed and looking to gain that Freshman 15 so who in the right mind would take the privilege of Nutella on toast for dinner away from her? That’s what I thought. No one. Nutella is a godsend to many and it is simply a crime against humanity to change the recipe in even the slightest way. So Mr. Panties in a Bunch over there in Italy, how ’bout you make your Papa proud and stick to his original recipe. The world wants to know, is it too much to ask to just do the right thing?

Franklin’s Virtues

I’ll be honest. Throughout the weekend, I really made no effort to abide by Franklin’s virtues. Instead, I went about life how I would typically live it and being that this blog is due tonight, I am thinking about my results throughout the weekend, well, now. I will explain my results in the order as displayed in the Then and Now assignment. First is Temperance. We rephrased this as not overeating and practicing sobriety. Much to my surprise, I did respect this virtue. For our weekly Sunday Supper at my grandparents’, I usually pig out on whatever the current week’s meal is, the main course and the dessert because it is the only night of the week that I eat dessert. However, today I avoided my usual plate and a half and stuck to one plate, and replaced my bowl of ice cream with a small piece of brownie and a small piece of cookie cake. Next on the list was Silence. I did fulfill this virtue in the act of going to work today and engaging in lively conversation with my coworkers as well as with my family at supper. Moving on to Resolution. I did not fulfill this virtue. I went out for the last day of rifle season on Saturday. After nearly having a squirrel jump in my stand with me and only see a doe in a yard across the gut, I got frustrated and went home. Frugality, I guess I somewhat fulfilled this because I made shrimp for dinner last night and it was oh so tasty. Industry…clearly that’s a no because here I am writing this blog almost last minute…not to mention i started a new netflix series when i had other work to be done. Sincerity, no. We all talked about how stupid our one delivery driver is after he continued to screw things up throughout the day. Justice, well, I hate PETA and was giving almost 100% to kill some deer so hahaha no, I don’t care about yuppy citizens. Moderation, nope, not really sure. Cleanliness- yep. I showered. And washed my dishes. Tranquility, no. Still fired up about the full moon messing with my meat inventory this year. Chasity, clearly I have no time to deal with anything but practicing chastity nor do i choose any thing else. Humility… i don’t know. As far as ones we created, Appreciation is the one i have realized applies to me the most. I’m not sure what did it, but today i couldn’t help but to smile ear to ear, because I honestly and truly realized how grateful I am, and for that, i will forever appreciate the little things in life.