Final Poem made my hair fall out

I took one look at this assignment, and slammed the surf shut. Waste. Of. Time. I don’t understand it, nor do I want to understand it. It has no attention grabbing device. It was torture to “read” through and was the most irrelevant thing I have ever “read”. I wasn’t going to let something like this ruin my weekend, so I guess I can admit that this was procrastination at it’s finest. However, I still did my best to try to understand the poem. Like I said in my last blog, we have beaten poetry to death with a wet mop and this was not the cherry on top to finish. I have been pondering the fact that this was random topics smashed into words which were then added into lines in the most unorganized fashion as humanely possible. You know when parents tell their children “you’re a piece of work” after they did something nonsensical and ridiculous? Yeah, well. This really is a piece of work. I hope no one finds that offensive, but at the same time, I get the vibe that the author of this work really just wanted to annoy the snot out of readers. So maybe they’re finding joy and pride and satisfaction in the pain it is causing it’s readers. Although, it’s not causing me much pain because I am not allowing myself to care. It’s like the senior-itis of the poetry unit. I am ready to be done and could care less. I really just want to stop hating poetry. I miss listening to music and picking out symbols without really knowing I was doing it. Poetry has made me so sick that I’ve been doing something I rarely ever do…I’ve been watching paranormal activity TV shows to relieve my brain of stress from poetry. I am so sick of that p word and all the elements of that p topic. I. JUST. WANT. TO. BE. DONE. I’m about as done with this as I am done with waiting until I can sit out in a tree and watch nature live before my very own closed eyelids. That is all. Good night. And goodbye…¬†poetry¬†

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