I miss English 10H

After being pushed and pushed to pick a six word short story, I finally relaxed enough over it to choose, “She lied. He cried. She died.”. I feel the same about imaginative writing in school as Mr. Moser feels about decaf coffee- if you don’t need it to function here and now, don’t worry about it. It was quite a struggle and took three brainstorms of other six word short stories to figure out, but I think I finally have it. I really don’t agree with how were are being asked to approach it. For me, it’s seeming very difficult to layout a story around a structure. I’d much rather just write what comes to mind and alter it as I go. As far as answering your second question, I don’t really understand what you’re asking. “Concept” is written three times and I’m not sure if you were talking or tired while putting the assignment up or if I am just simply not connecting the dots. It took me a while to discover my bases, but I think I have enough to start now. Answering specific questions in the point of view of my characters is challenging because I’m not used to framing everything right away, and I always worry about changing things as I go. I don’t want to submit an outline if I think I may end up changing one of the responses (which I know I will at some point throughout this process), especially when I doesn’t get returned and I can’t edit any assignment. However, once I got on the right train of thought, it all started coming to me and I buzzed through the Character and Setting Development paper. It’s difficult to answer a select few of the questions for my characters because I can’t even answer them for myself. The most common question asked among high school students is about what they want to do when they grow up. Our goals are constantly fluctuating and it results in us being so indecisive and added unnecessary stress. As soon as a student gives an answer, it is shot down or made to seem like something they don’t want. It’s a part of life, but it sucks. More or less, I’m ready to get this short story thing done and over with.

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