A week of notes, and not much more…

The past several years, we have always covered at least a unit or two of short story elements, and that of novels. However, we’ve covered it more this week than in other grades, and used a lot more unnecessary terms. Not gonna lie, literary terms vs anatomical terms…. i’m most likely going to study anatomy harder because it is something i care about. I like to read, but doing this analyzing and picking everything apart is pointless to me, because i honestly don’t see myself in a profession in writing short stories or analyzing or anything of the like. Therefore, my view on short stories or any story for that matter has not changed. Digging way, way waaayyyy down deep, down into the depths of my memory, into every emotion i have towards every story, i’d have to say that this lesson has changed… nothing. The only understandings I have learned of is McGarry’s opinions on movies, books, and authors. J.K Rowling was dumb for having the “stock character”, or the wise old wizard, Dumbledore, simply give Harry advice about how to defeat Voldemort as a young boy instead of having most powerful wizard in the world (Dumbledore himself) vs second most powerful wizard in the world. I learned the McGarry thinks that Stephanie Meyer is either really smart OR dumb and accidentally lucky because her Twilight series is stupid and she somehow made bank with it. Nicholas Sparks is a terrible author, but somehow attracts all the hopeless romantics and keeps them emotionally involved enough to keep them coming back for more. So, not much change in how I view short stories. That observation may alter as we go through the next week of school, but as for now- nada.

School. What a lovely word. The gossip, the tension, the drama, our football team. All things that none of us want to talk about. Honestly, we all have opinions about who should play where but none of us have control over it. School is just so stressful, but we’re all here for a reason. Whether it be by law or because we have big dreams of big careers. Whatever it is, we’re all here. And no where else, so if im stuck writing blogs every weekend for the rest of the school year, so be it. It could be better, but it could be worse.

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