First week of “school”


I’ve been dreading the beginning of this school year since the end of last school year. Many juniors (now seniors) warned the upcoming juniors that it was the hardest year yet, and some seniors had agreed. After some of the minor struggles of sophomore year, there was no way I was looking forward to this year. No way at all, EXCEPT for the fact that I am one year closer to getting out (even though everyone says these are the best days of my life). Not to mention, I get to drive my Jeepy to school every day :). My experiences with guidance post sophomore year and over the summer were miserable and frustrating. I started my schedule with Culinary Arts in my schedule.  TERRIBLE. THE MOST MISERABLE CLASS EVER. I love to eat, but that was totally not worth it. I was, however, interested in Bio II, because I like the sciences and enjoy learning of subjects that I’ll use later in life. So far, I really enjoy Anatomy & Physiology and Bio II. I love Dodge’s fast pace (i’ll probably regret that on the first test-day) and I enjoy learning about how life works. It’s a domino effect-  1) I like the subject and what we cover. 2) If I like it, the chances of me paying attention are much higher. 3) Paying attention means I SHOULD do well. 4) Good grades make everyone happy. Domino effect. Next is the underclassmen. I REALLY DON’T LIKE MOST OF THE UNDERCLASSMEN. Sophomores don’t understand work ethic, they have no respect for teachers and no classroom etiquette. If they had dynamite for brains, they’d have enough to blow their nose.  I learned that Roli almost took a swim with alligators. And my favorite movie is still Pearl Harbor, BUT i recently watched The Notebook the whole way through and the ending still has me shook up, and movies don’t make me cry. With that being the most recent to get to me, its the favorite at the moment. I just enjoy the hopeless romantic story-line of the movie and I am now motivated to read the book. To finish, I am really content with having Murphy pd 11 to end my day in a relaxed class. Cheers to junior year!