Blog 5: What’s your story?

Image result for war in afghanistanThe six word short story that I chose to include in my short story was, “With bloody hands, I say good-bye.” -Frank Miller. I chose this quote because so many good ideas came to mind when I first read it. Many people would interpret this as being a murder/mystery story, but I thought of it from a completely different angle. My story takes place in both Afghanistan and Pennsylvania between the years of 2001-2014. A guy by the name of Bo Eastwood enlists into the Army with his long time best friend named Jase. The two guys were basically like brothers growing up, and you would never see one without the other. After a long and hard ten weeks of basic training, the two were ready to defend their country. It wasn’t long after their graduation that they were deployed into active duty in Afghanistan. The need for military was urgent, and the country was in a tizzy due to the recent September 11th terrorist attacks.  The war began to take a toll on these men, and they were relieved that their deployment was almost over. Soon they would be able to go home to their families and live their lives….or so they thought. Jase ends up being shot by the enemy. Bo did everything he could to try and save his friend, but there was no use. From that moment on Bo became a changed person. He was no longer the happy and friendly guy that he use to be. He had to be sent home because of his extreme depression and anxiety, and he was soon diagnosed with PTSD.

The idea of this story came about because I was trying to think of something interesting to go along with this quote other than it being your typical murder story. I thought the military aspect would give it a different outlook, and the relationship between the characters would be one that people could relate to. My initial idea for the plot line hasn’t really changed much, but my view on how the characters interact with one another and why certain events happen has changed. At first I didn’t really know why the setting was significant, but as I did research I found information that helped me better understand my characters and their actions.

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