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“Music came from the abandoned house” – Anne Lind.This quote from Anne Lind is dark and creepy and could be taken different ways but it’s a great quote to make a story off of.I choose it because the amount of versatility I could use with it and how I can base it off of a place that is abandoned and has its own history.My general idea for this story is to make it based on the disastrous event that happened in Chernobyl Ukraine.The event the happened in Chernobyl was a nuclear meltdown from a reactors flawed design and was operated inadequately by trained personnel.Actually, in 2011, it became open to the public as a tourist attraction.My general idea for this short story is to make a sad story showing how a woman lost her father when she was younger from this meltdown.People from a tour would hear an eerie music box constantly playing when they pass a certain house.Personnel who are in charge of the tour groups tried to find the source of the music but they could never find it so they called an environmental health and safety engineer to search through more of the radioactive houses to see if he could find the source and it’s an old music box that needs to be wound up every day.So the question that comes to be is how is it being wound up every day if the houses are blocked off from the public because it’s a safety hazard?. Then the story would go along with meeting the protagonist and finding out her backstory which would be the reason of why she risks her health every day just in memorial for her father. My idea came from previously reading about Chernobyl and learning what happened and how some of the effects of this disaster are still being felt to date.My original concept was not to have the safety engineer and just have radiation be the angonist, but that not really possible so the safety manager is going to be that person who fights with the protagonist about how she is hurting her health.The quotes really helped of make a basis for the short story and made a cool twist of being able to base it off of an event in history.

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” Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf’s a flower, / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsides to leaf, / So Eden sank to grief. / So dawn goes down to day, / Nothing gold can stay “-Ponyboy.The quote said by Ponyboy is a poem from Robert Frost which has such a deep meaning towards the movie and represents the theme so well.One of the minor characters explains later on it the film that the poem means that you are “green” when you’re young and everything is new which is a beautiful thing.The minor character tells this to pony in a letter which represents the theme of stay young and free.The outsiders take place in 1965 but a specific town isn’t mentioned only zones/parts of town.The north side of town is poor and is home to the greasers while the south side is filled with socs who are rich kids.These parts of town have had major rivalries just from the differences which are how the story takes place.The movie mostly focuses on the greasers and their names are Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally who the movie is aimed around and because the story is so focused on the greasers we never really get the names of any socs.

The outsiders are very dependent on the setting because the differences in the sides of town would have never made the rivalry grow so badly out of hand to make the movie.Our protagonist in the movie is Ponyboy, a young greaser who lives with his older brothers and gets hurled into the rivalry and is forced to grow up and handle what he goes through.Pony’s parents died when they were young forcing him to grow up fast with his two brothers, Soda and Darell, who he never got along with so pony was everywhere with his best friend johnny. Pony and Johny would always talk about leaving their town so they didn’t have to be forced into the stereotype of being a greaser and having their town pulled apart just because the side you live on.The major metaphor which is what the theme is is  “stay gold” from the poem pony paraphrases. The whole movie is based off this idea of “stay gold”  for as long as you could.The outsiders is a classic movie with a theme that can be so versatile but the one that is so major is staying gold till you’re forced to grow up.



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For the second week of school, we ended up taking notes in American literature about short stories.I actually learned quite a lot just from a small section of notes and it made me begin to question how I interpret my favorite stories.Aristotle came up with a very confusing diagram but it does show that his quote “every story has the same parts”, which I knew but I didn’t know that Aristotle studied literature. I learned that the setting of a story is the most important part of the story.One major part of a short story is always the setting it dictates how the story goes.The setting can drive the plot and can be the soul purpose of why the author is writing the story such as if the author wanted to write about the Salem Witch Trials the would have to make it in the time period of 1608 is Salem Massachusetts.Setting always doesn’t have to be a place and be barely in the story it can be a time period and the setting can show so much about a character.I was taught that the climax was a major conflict but I learned that it is the point where the reader has the most emotional involvement which makes much more sense in a story.In a story it just doesn’t have to be one one conflict it can be multiple the has to overcome. There is always the protagonist and antagonist in a story but it doesn’t have to be two people it can be the protagonist’s conflict is internal and he/she is fighting themselves.The antagonist doesn’t have to be evil they are just the person who is working against the protagonist. a whole new concept that I learned is flat vs. round which is almost like dynamic vs. static charters but it’s how much info we get on a certain character.

Week two in school was really no different compared to week one. In publications, I took a picture of a shed at my school with a really bad painting on the side, and I got approved to sketch an idea for the shed.

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There is a lot of shock from being a sophomore who rarely thinks about college to now being a junior who has to worry about SAT’s and my transcript. This shock of being a junior did hit in the middle of the first week of school when I had to ask a question about calculator to use on the SAT which is terrifying.Now, the new adjustments are having to think about the future and preparing myself for that future which is a nerve racking thing. When ever I start a new school year it takes time for me to become use to the flow again of homework, studying and just doing my work and since its early in the year its hard  to balance it all out because I play soccer.For soccer I did and still do have my ups and downs but during one the the scrims I broke down and thought about quitting  soccer and my coach did find out.I have these up and downs because I blew out my knee and this was the year I was going to start  but I blew my chance….My coach told my to show up to the next days practice and to rethink about quitting.My coach talked my out of my thoughts of quitting and told me to prepare for next year and make it the best out if it.

My favorite story/plot line  is actually from this video game for the Nintendo 3ds and its called fire emblem fates.Fire emblem fates is a classic rpg but it has a really deep plot and being an rpg you get to choose your path.The basis of this game is you play as the avatar.The avatar is born to Hoishido royalty  but is kidnapped by a neighboring kingdom called norh and is raised there.Tensions raise as the avatar grows into adulthood and the full on war starts when norh assassinates the Hosidons king.That is the  past of the first choice you have to make in the game which is you either side with your lost hosidon kin or you stay with norh your family that you grew up with.The games plot is my favorite because it literally makes you either change or check your morall compass and its just a great video game and I recommend it to everyone.

The crowns game by Evelyn Skye

This book is set in imperial Russia, when Russia is having trouble with neighboring kingdoms the tsar is forced to start the crown games. The crown games is a game when two enchanters have to fight to the death to get the title imperial enchanter  to protect Russia. Nikolai one of the enchanters can conjure bridges out of thin air and see through walls. Vika the second enchanter is a master of the elements . When Pasha the tsarevich is forced to become the tsar after his fathers death he forces the enchaters to fight to the death, but pasha is in love with Vika and his best friend Nikolai as well. This book was very interesting seeing Nikolai and Vika taking turns showing off their skills but the beginning of the book did seem to drag on. I recommend this book to fantasy lovers and historical fiction fanatics.

End of days by Susan Ee

This is the first book in a great distopian trilogy The end of days  but the first book is called angel fall. All over the world the angel apocalypse has happened and you would think this is good but the angels think as the humans as ants and a nuisance.  After the messenger angel Gabriel was killed, the angels think gods word is to keep the humans in line. Penryn is just your normal teenager with her disable sister in a wheelchair and her crazy mother who carries rotten eggs they are just trying to survive this apocalypse But when they where trying to leave there town an angel falls and warriors round this fallen angel and cut off his wings. Penryn grabs the fallen angles sword and throws it at him to fight.The fallen angel warriors name is Raffe and he was thrown down for heaven because he suspected a top politician angel of murdering Gabriel the messenger of god.Maiming Raffe very badly he passes out .Paige and penryn’s mom run away to avoid the fight but the warrior angels got mad at penryn for helping raffe that they take her sister. Penryn distressed and alone takes the unconscious angel as a barging chip to get her sister back but when he awakens he is hunted by the other warriors making this a dynamic duo a strange one but up for a great adventure. I highly recommend this book to people who are trying to get into the distopian but just love romance because something brews in between the dynamic duo so its a good genere changing book

Review on Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake

Three dark crowns is a great new fantasy novel which I recommend to any readers. In every generation on the island of Fennbrin three triplets are born possessing different types of magic. All of the triplets have the equal right to the throne after they turn sixteen and prove their powers.Mirabella is a elemental with the ability to spark flames and start storms. Arsinoe is a naturalist with the ability to bloom any flower and tame the fiercest lion.Katharine is a poisoner with the ability to ingest the deadliest poisons without as much as a stomachache ache. This book is slow at the start within finding the past of this island and the girls and there abilities, but Katharine cant ingest any poisons without convulsing,vomiting and sweating.Arsinoe cant bloom a dandelion nor tame a bird, but Mirabella can start hungry flames and start furious storms. When the triplets  turn 16 they have to fight ,after the Quickening ceremony, for the crown. But things turn for a dark but surprising ending. I highly recommend this book to any fantasy lovers.

A Report on Rotters by Daniel Kraus

Rotters is an amazing book that’s so dark yet true which makes a very compelling story by Daniel Kraus. Joey was raised by his single mother never knowing anything about his fathers or their back story. Joey mother dies and him not being able to take care of himself he has to move in with his train wreck father. His father is the town garbage man shrouded in mystery. Now living with his father, his father would leave for days then come back with a strange bag and would smell. Joey then finds that his father (Harnett) was robbing corpses of jewelry. Joey then gets sucked into this world of grave robbing with his father rather than the natural life of a high schooler. I highly recommend this book to mystery and thriller lovers because it dives into the macabre world of grave robbing and what grave robbers believe what the after life is.