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The first work, the love song of j Alfred Prufrock, is a darker poem not even about love at all.IF anything it would be an emo love song if that. The first work is this man who is going through the 7 layers of hell (Dante). Dantes Inferno goes into depth about each layer of hell and how its reserved for different types of people and they are divided into circles. The first circle (limbo), second circle (lust), Third circle (gluttony), fourth circle (greed), fifth circle (Anger), Sixth circle (heresy), seventh circle  (violence), Eighth circle (fraud), ninth circle (Treachery).The narrator is going through the layer specifically for liars then one of its inhabitants come up to him and tell him that he is done lieing and now he will only tell the truth because he has nothing to lose. Then the narrator looks back on himself and explains how he feels worthless and nothing good will ever come to him and he never will deserve anything good. The irony throughout the poem is a major part even just the title love song, you are supposed to imagine it as a soft loving poem but its dark, brooding and upsetting. The poem Disillusionment of 10 o’clock is based on the idea of time. The time imagery throughout the poem is relevant to how the poem carries the idea that time is always going along never stopping. The time is flowing and isn’t changing our way like the author mentions beads of the centuries and nightgowns which is a hint to olden ages where those kinds of articles of clothing were more proper. But the ending of the poem is representative of the fact that many people in life are so fixated on the past and never think about the future. The ending shows that people who relax (get drunk in the poem but you don’t have to get drunk though this was just the poems example ) and fantasize about the future are the people who understand life better and get the most out of it than thinking about the past too much. These poems had such deeper and grander meanings filled with irony and metaphors. Image result for poem pictures

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