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Huckleberry Finn was a good novel as it accomplished its themes and made a heart-wrenching story. The characters Mark Twain made were mostly morally grey due to the fact that they were so devoted to what was socially acceptable then compared to today which made us the reader feel confused on certain characters such as miss Watson, Judith Watson, and Aunt Sally. But overall I did like this book its just certain areas did drag just when they were on the raft of just chapters fo talking just to Jim which you couldn’t really understand due to the fact of jims hard southern accent and the fact he doesn’t know how to read. Personally, it did beat my expectations but that’s because overall they were low anyway but still there were some low points in the book that I really didn’t enjoy. Overall, I’m happy I was forced to read this book to at least say that ive had read this book. Huckleberry Finn is semi-similar yet very different compared to other novels I read because I read young adult dystopian/mystery novels while Huckleberry Finn is a coming of age story. This novel did make me want to venture out into more coming of age stories but its historical background and societal issues bothered me because I felt like I was learning more of what I already learned about in the fifth grade. The ending was kinda forced I wish it could’ve spanned over maybe two more chapters explaining how terrified tom was to see Jim chained up and to go more in depth about how miss Watson died and Jim was free months ago and I wanted tom to openly admit the reasons why he never told Jim and huck because he just wanted his adventure  even if it cost Jim and huck time and safety. As well as the body that they found way earlier in the story was pap find it really shows the character Jim has of how much he cares about huck. For modern readers, I feel like the most important thing they can take away from this novel is the fact that even in harsh circumstances bonds can be created and grow in depth, as well as the civilization thing, is important too. This book still kinda is representative of discrimination of African Americans and women still prevalent in today’s society. My idea for my final project is to paint two windows representative of two major themes/ideas prevalent in the novel such as the coming of age and that we are all equal.

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