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In chapter 30 it takes place after the whole raid of the will goes wrong. The paranoia that has overcome the king is very prevalent and even blames his partner in crime which shows how much this character is hungry for power and money. The character development between Jim and Huck continues to grow with huck opening up to him and telling him everything and well as the hugging when they finally see each other again and Jim pulls huck out of the water like giving him a hand when he is in need. I think the relationship between the king and the duke represents some of the huck and Jims were they may get separated but they always go back to each other because that what they only have. In chapter 31 we find out the king sold Jim for extra money.this shows the development of the king has gone so low that he sold Jim who he knew was important to huck just for extra money. We do find out from the duke that he was sold to a sawmill owned by a man named Phelps. After finding the huck could find Jim, Huck broke down sobbing and crying and even goes back on his own morals and prays. This chapter has a lot of character development for huck because he realizes how much Jim has done for him and how much Jim means to him. Huck begins to realize Jim is a human and huck is willing to go to hell just to save Jim. In chapter 32 huck meets Sally Phelps, when he makes it to the plantation, she thinks huck is tom sawyer.”Aunt” Sally is a very morally grey character because she welcomes huck-tom and is super patient with him for answering questions about the family.BUt aunt sally makes the racist remark after huck saying one black man died and sally says its good no people got hurt…she doesn’t even see them and people. Huck doesn’t really show andy character development in this chapter. In chapter 33 hucks development really kinda takes a downfall because tom sawyer show back up and huck seems again to be the sidekick. As well as we find out the fate of the king and the duke by dying to tar and feathering yet after everything huck still feels sorry for them but this shows a greater side of huck because of he shows his realism side by saying all humans are cruel to each other. Hucks character development really shows between all of these chapters. I predict that they will be able to save Jim but some major consequence is going to unfold of happening I think pap Finn is going to come back again.Image result for tarring and feather memes

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