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The first work, the love song of j Alfred Prufrock, is a darker poem not even about love at all.IF anything it would be an emo love song if that. The first work is this man who is going through the 7 layers of hell (Dante). Dantes Inferno goes into depth about each layer of hell and how its reserved for different types of people and they are divided into circles. The first circle (limbo), second circle (lust), Third circle (gluttony), fourth circle (greed), fifth circle (Anger), Sixth circle (heresy), seventh circle  (violence), Eighth circle (fraud), ninth circle (Treachery).The narrator is going through the layer specifically for liars then one of its inhabitants come up to him and tell him that he is done lieing and now he will only tell the truth because he has nothing to lose. Then the narrator looks back on himself and explains how he feels worthless and nothing good will ever come to him and he never will deserve anything good. The irony throughout the poem is a major part even just the title love song, you are supposed to imagine it as a soft loving poem but its dark, brooding and upsetting. The poem Disillusionment of 10 o’clock is based on the idea of time. The time imagery throughout the poem is relevant to how the poem carries the idea that time is always going along never stopping. The time is flowing and isn’t changing our way like the author mentions beads of the centuries and nightgowns which is a hint to olden ages where those kinds of articles of clothing were more proper. But the ending of the poem is representative of the fact that many people in life are so fixated on the past and never think about the future. The ending shows that people who relax (get drunk in the poem but you don’t have to get drunk though this was just the poems example ) and fantasize about the future are the people who understand life better and get the most out of it than thinking about the past too much. These poems had such deeper and grander meanings filled with irony and metaphors. Image result for poem pictures

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Huckleberry Finn was a good novel as it accomplished its themes and made a heart-wrenching story. The characters Mark Twain made were mostly morally grey due to the fact that they were so devoted to what was socially acceptable then compared to today which made us the reader feel confused on certain characters such as miss Watson, Judith Watson, and Aunt Sally. But overall I did like this book its just certain areas did drag just when they were on the raft of just chapters fo talking just to Jim which you couldn’t really understand due to the fact of jims hard southern accent and the fact he doesn’t know how to read. Personally, it did beat my expectations but that’s because overall they were low anyway but still there were some low points in the book that I really didn’t enjoy. Overall, I’m happy I was forced to read this book to at least say that ive had read this book. Huckleberry Finn is semi-similar yet very different compared to other novels I read because I read young adult dystopian/mystery novels while Huckleberry Finn is a coming of age story. This novel did make me want to venture out into more coming of age stories but its historical background and societal issues bothered me because I felt like I was learning more of what I already learned about in the fifth grade. The ending was kinda forced I wish it could’ve spanned over maybe two more chapters explaining how terrified tom was to see Jim chained up and to go more in depth about how miss Watson died and Jim was free months ago and I wanted tom to openly admit the reasons why he never told Jim and huck because he just wanted his adventure  even if it cost Jim and huck time and safety. As well as the body that they found way earlier in the story was pap find it really shows the character Jim has of how much he cares about huck. For modern readers, I feel like the most important thing they can take away from this novel is the fact that even in harsh circumstances bonds can be created and grow in depth, as well as the civilization thing, is important too. This book still kinda is representative of discrimination of African Americans and women still prevalent in today’s society. My idea for my final project is to paint two windows representative of two major themes/ideas prevalent in the novel such as the coming of age and that we are all equal.

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In chapter 30 it takes place after the whole raid of the will goes wrong. The paranoia that has overcome the king is very prevalent and even blames his partner in crime which shows how much this character is hungry for power and money. The character development between Jim and Huck continues to grow with huck opening up to him and telling him everything and well as the hugging when they finally see each other again and Jim pulls huck out of the water like giving him a hand when he is in need. I think the relationship between the king and the duke represents some of the huck and Jims were they may get separated but they always go back to each other because that what they only have. In chapter 31 we find out the king sold Jim for extra money.this shows the development of the king has gone so low that he sold Jim who he knew was important to huck just for extra money. We do find out from the duke that he was sold to a sawmill owned by a man named Phelps. After finding the huck could find Jim, Huck broke down sobbing and crying and even goes back on his own morals and prays. This chapter has a lot of character development for huck because he realizes how much Jim has done for him and how much Jim means to him. Huck begins to realize Jim is a human and huck is willing to go to hell just to save Jim. In chapter 32 huck meets Sally Phelps, when he makes it to the plantation, she thinks huck is tom sawyer.”Aunt” Sally is a very morally grey character because she welcomes huck-tom and is super patient with him for answering questions about the family.BUt aunt sally makes the racist remark after huck saying one black man died and sally says its good no people got hurt…she doesn’t even see them and people. Huck doesn’t really show andy character development in this chapter. In chapter 33 hucks development really kinda takes a downfall because tom sawyer show back up and huck seems again to be the sidekick. As well as we find out the fate of the king and the duke by dying to tar and feathering yet after everything huck still feels sorry for them but this shows a greater side of huck because of he shows his realism side by saying all humans are cruel to each other. Hucks character development really shows between all of these chapters. I predict that they will be able to save Jim but some major consequence is going to unfold of happening I think pap Finn is going to come back again.Image result for tarring and feather memes