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Out of all the authors I choose ayn rand.Ayn Rand is known for being one of the most controversial individualists. I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.Ayn Rand also wrote screenplays and one of them was produced on Broadway.I choose here due to her weird name and the first things that popped up were that she was a self-proclaimed philosopher and that she is actually relevant to today due to her views.Ayn Rand also wrote screenplays and one of them was produced on Broadway.She is also known for rejecting beliefs and religion as well as her political stands. She was very critical about many philosophers other than more of the classic liberal philosophers.There is actually a cult/church of ayn rand because of her political views that certain people really agreed with more along the lines of Republicans while Democrats hate her views especially one of her most known books being “atlas struggled”.  one of her philosophies that are widely known is objectivism.Objectivism was created by ayn rand and the backing of it is we should be more selfish and help ourselves before others and in order to find the happiness, you must help yourself first.Ayn’s main way of expression was writing novels and screenplays.This impacted my decision greatly because she seems to talk a lot about philosophy which is interesting and she is very relevant today due to her views being so political and highly known republicans (Paul Ryan) taking her words and shaping his ideas around her words.Some works by Ayn I find interesting are Anthem, Atlas Struggled and the virtue of selfishness.Atlas Struggled in the main book that has the many ideas all the politicians are getting and it was one of her first books to sell a lot.The virtue of selfishness is very controversial because literally in the tile it’s saying that selfishness which is seen as bad is actually a virtue. Anthem is the dystopian novel which already peaks my interest and is one of her first books that talks about objectivism.In excited to be reading one of her books and understand why she is so relevant in today’s politics.

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