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My impression of the book before even reading it, just like hearing people talk about was grueling because of its a classic so it either really good or its physical pain to read it.But so far the adventures of Huckleberry Finn have surpassed my expectations, even though they were very low, by just the way mark twain writes with satire making fun of things that are still relevant to today like romanticism, society and white privilege.Yet mark twain keeps this subtly about his satire which makes it even better due to is slyness that kinda hard to catch if you don’t understand what he is trying to convey through metaphors to make it funny.One thing I love about this book is how fast past it is, and another interesting plot point is how huck is mature for his age compared to tom sawyer.Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are best friends even though how different they are which builds such a great opportunity for character development to show the difference.Tom Sawyer is very childish and supposed to represent southern romanticism which basically the opposite of Huckleberry Finn who is a realist who represents mark twains voice in the ways of life huckle is put through.I do like the fact that complete opposites are best friends, they go well together even though they argue or bud heads a lot they still depend on each other.One plot point I found very interesting is that huck and his father are very superstitious because they aren’t religious at all.When huck lived with the widow he was forced to be religious because she was and he never understood it and when he was praying he was always childish asking for gifts from god instead of hoping for a better life for other people.Huck would throw salt over his but when he couldn’t do it he freaked out which shows that dependency on superstitions instead of religion where everyone in the south restored to that if the had the money and privilege. One thing i really do dislike about this book is the south accents while huck is thinking or someone is talking to him, it’s so hard to read and interpret.Overall I don’t hate this book, yet I would willingly pick this book for myself.

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