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The short story “The celebrated jumping frog of  Calaveras County” is actually one o my favorites we’ve read this year due to its well-thought out-ness and over theme as well as how this county in California still to this day is known for this frog jumping competition due to twain making fun of it.The well -thought out-ness I really enjoyed was how the “unintelligent man”  made the seemingly intelligent man listen to him babble on about nothing due to his morals the intelligent man couldn’t get up and leave. The overall theme was just because you got a higher paid education doesn’t mean you’re any smarter also this could be summarized and not judging someone’s intelligence based on their looks.How we handled AR this quarter I enjoyed because obviously I was forced to read but I got to pick my book and explain it, even though I hated my book due to the hatred I had to the narrator.I wish I did select somthing more towards what I like.I just hated making the book trailer because I had to create this hype towards a book I didn’t enjoy.But this did make me read even though I do read but I got more points compared to AR so that was a good thing.After reading the first chapter of huck and finn this book has sparked my interest due to the irony and I know the southern dialect is going to be kind of an issue but as long as we semi discuss it in class, I will be able to understand everything better.Image result for huckleberry finn

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