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Satire  defined as “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”Satire is other words is basically a roast of someone or there view/opinions but its mostly used on politicians or major public figurehead who openly voice their opinions.This is because they voice their opinions so much that people always try to poke holes in their views just to disagree with them and make them seem as bad people or illligeniment.Many comedians use satire as an approach to impression a politician or major figurehead.My personal experience with satire is a lot throughout my life cause people use humor as a way to cope with something they cant handle.During last years election, there were many funny memes and internet video about Trump and Hillary and how the world was going to end.Everyone was freaking out, the whole country was in a panic but shows like SNL made fun of our circumstances just so we can find something funny out of that election and calm us down.Like more recently with trump becoming president, in which were everyone who didn’t support him(which is a lot).From News channels to SNL everyone made fun of him for his radical view which is so different than anyone thought.Personally, I laugh at a lot so I love all types of humor like anti-jokes, dark humor, puns, impression ( which is basically satire).The one thing I don’t really find that funny is two certain teachers jokes because they are such dad jokes that it rough to listen to or har to react, because they want the whole class to laugh but only one person chuckles even if ( no means to be rude to those teachers).The examples I provided for the assignment was Mad Tv’s skit of arocrombie and fitch which made fun of how there clothing is only advertised for only half-naked white men or women.My other example was smosh’s video of what if Donald Trump and it made him do simple tasks if he was different which makes fun of him a lot.The only thing I know about mark twain is that he wrote in satire. Apparently, he was saved nine times from drowning in the Mississippi which shows that he is a very bad swimmer which I never knew.Image result for fun facts of mark twain

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