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As we got into the middle of the film Vertigo we had to think of what could happen next or how the movie is going to end.Vertigo is about a retired FBI agent who is told to investigate a friends wife because her husband is worried about reaction to certain parts of the film has been all over the place.One of the many parts I got mad at Scotti was when Gavin (the husband)  gave the initial task to Scotti.Scotti should’ve noticed how weird Gavin was acting and should ‘ve been more careful with everything.The way he even followed Maddie was aggravating because he did it so closely” like when Maddie went into an alleyway to get flowers he just flat out followed her if she just turned around she would’ve known( if it actually wasn’t planned all the way). I understand why he quit being a detective.Another thing that majorly bothers me was when he followed Judy then is forcing her to basically “become” Maddie.By buying her business-like attire and forcing her to dye her hair and completely change into her.Judy should’ve gotten up and left him she shouldn’t have taken that being forced to change there is that old saying “never change for the person you love” Judy apparently didn’t understand it.Another major key point that bothered me was there were multiple scenes where the camera focused on Judy/maddies silhouette and then when Scotti met Judy and he noticed the silhouette he should’ve known it was her.I hated that Scotti basically romanticized her depression and suicidal tendencies to benefit his ego which he fell in love with.I don’t think he was in love with her I think he was in love with the idea of being a hero.One thing I did like was when Scotti pieced together everything of the painting and the old family member Caroline.This has been a great movie so far I hope nothing maddening happens…….




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