Blog 9

Franklin wanted to become a better person so he came up with this list of virtues and abided by them and change himself for the better.The work that we read listed his virtues and which ones he struggles with.So my group got rid of chastity because we are only high schoolers and it really doesn’t apply to us in franklins sense only other than loyalty, in a relationship and that’s not really what Franklin was trying to convey. The virtues we came up with was empathy, adaptation, and socialization. Empathy is trying to understand someone’s position or place and respecting it or even understanding it.Adaptation is being open to change and willing to let it happen.Socialization is defined as not being absorbed in social media and being present in the moment by communicating and socialize with others not just using your phone as are to ignore people.With our new virtues, we had to begin our own experiment by trying to live by these virtues.Cleanliness was the easiest because it basically taking care of your own body and that is not hard (unless you’re a middle schooler).Empathy wasn’t hard because caring and having respect for other people is just my personality.I could imagine frugality being way harder if we were in college and more independent and living on our own, but because we aren’t it’s not that hard other than just watching what we are buying.Sincerity was another of the ones that had no dot next to it because it’s not right if you’re trying to really hurt someone.Temperance had a couple of dots next to it because when I haven’t eaten all day and I eat way more to fill myself so I basically overcompensate for not eating earlier on which isn’t the healthiest thing.Moderation was easy because I’m just not going to physically hurt someone for my gain.Justice is not hurting someone for anything or anyone and that’s not that hard.Silence had to be one of the hardest because with my friends I just tend to have very “creative” conversations that are super childish.Humility was an interesting one because being modest inst hard it just accepting it was weird.Socialization was a super hard one for me because being introverted makes it a challenge. Order was one of the hardest because becoming stressed out leads to becoming unorganized and it turns into a whole cycle.The hardest one that had all the dots was industry because whenever I thought I was being productive another assignment would happen which would lead me to procrastinate a lot.This project was interesting because I got to physically see my habits and what I could change.Image result for cartoon  ben franklin