Blog 7

Personally, I think poetry was created to torture highschoolers.I’ve never really found poetry appealing plus by the way we are introduced to it and how we had to interpret made it even worse.Writing poetry too is very complicated and for all the famous poets they have all of my respect for being able to do what they do.Coming up with an idea to write isn’t hard it’s just translating those thoughts into a certain form and how each and every word has meaning behind it. Poetry is basically writing about your personal feelings or just something very comedic.Forcing your thoughts and words into a certain form or pattern is very difficult.Free verse is easier because you can basically do whatever you want and your thoughts can just be put on paper in an emotional format and your done.Compared to stanzaic you have you get the idea across in a couple of lines before going to the next one. Having the poem rhyme and or make it have a pattern is so challenging because your thought may not translate correctly or words.If they don’t properly go together you have to completely rework everything which could make your idea or theme not come across as easily as it used to.Nothing has changed about my feelings towards poetry because it’s still its weird evasive words that are supposed to make a deep meaningful story that we are supposed to learn something from.For myself, I really hate it a lot because I can come up with a creative idea its just translating that into a certain form is really brain racking because your entail thoughts or words won’t work and you have to reword everything. Rewording everything is challenging because it would make what I was trying initially try to convey not what I was trying to actually say.  So I could be trying to convey one theme but all of the rewordings could make my poem sound darker than I initially intended.Personally, I’m not very great about explaining my feelings so poetry is everything I’m terrible at wrapped up in one.As well as I don’t really have enough teenage angst to come up with a soul-crushing poem apparently.Image result for hate poem