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Fair week in a major thing in our town to getting off school for a week to our whole town being backed up because of all of the traffic.I was gonna have a friend come up but family issues stopped him but I had my friend Jasmin text me a couple of days saying her bosses stand needed help and she thought id be good with the animals.Since I couldn’t play soccer I was able to get a lot more hours compared to if I actually had to go to games. Having a job during the fair week was a completely a different experience but I did have a fun job watching animals.My job was at a fawn and pig petting stand, I gave people cups of carrots and bottle but sometimes I would be in charge of the gate whenever my boss was tired of wanted to leave the pen.But my story I wanted to tell was when my best friend since 6th grade came back in town I call her K.K moved with her dad a couple of hours away but she comes to visit her mom and whenever she does i hang out with her for that time span.After the fair I slept over at her house. In the middle of the night K and I always go on walks just to talk about everything bothering us.We walked down this road and we found a traffic cone in a bush completely flipped upside down with nothing on it.Out of the blue we decided to take this cone and run for it. But we were terrified about what her mom would say and make us put back the kidnapped traffic  cone. We came back into her house and acted really shady by her making me distract her mom so K could go upstairs and put it up in her room.Her mom did notice the giant reflective traffic cone and didn’t care what so ever. Its still in her room to this day and we always text each other about how its a great memory and we will never forget about it.My fair week was very  fun and eventful.Image result for deerImage result for old traffic cone

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