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For the second week of school, we ended up taking notes in American literature about short stories.I actually learned quite a lot just from a small section of notes and it made me begin to question how I interpret my favorite stories.Aristotle came up with a very confusing diagram but it does show that his quote “every story has the same parts”, which I knew but I didn’t know that Aristotle studied literature. I learned that the setting of a story is the most important part of the story.One major part of a short story is always the setting it dictates how the story goes.The setting can drive the plot and can be the soul purpose of why the author is writing the story such as if the author wanted to write about the Salem Witch Trials the would have to make it in the time period of 1608 is Salem Massachusetts.Setting always doesn’t have to be a place and be barely in the story it can be a time period and the setting can show so much about a character.I was taught that the climax was a major conflict but I learned that it is the point where the reader has the most emotional involvement which makes much more sense in a story.In a story it just doesn’t have to be one one conflict it can be multiple the has to overcome. There is always the protagonist and antagonist in a story but it doesn’t have to be two people it can be the protagonist’s conflict is internal and he/she is fighting themselves.The antagonist doesn’t have to be evil they are just the person who is working against the protagonist. a whole new concept that I learned is flat vs. round which is almost like dynamic vs. static charters but it’s how much info we get on a certain character.

Week two in school was really no different compared to week one. In publications, I took a picture of a shed at my school with a really bad painting on the side, and I got approved to sketch an idea for the shed.

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