Blog 1

There is a lot of shock from being a sophomore who rarely thinks about college to now being a junior who has to worry about SAT’s and my transcript. This shock of being a junior did hit in the middle of the first week of school when I had to ask a question about calculator to use on the SAT which is terrifying.Now, the new adjustments are having to think about the future and preparing myself for that future which is a nerve racking thing. When ever I start a new school year it takes time for me to become use to the flow again of homework, studying and just doing my work and since its early in the year its hard  to balance it all out because I play soccer.For soccer I did and still do have my ups and downs but during one the the scrims I broke down and thought about quitting  soccer and my coach did find out.I have these up and downs because I blew out my knee and this was the year I was going to start  but I blew my chance….My coach told my to show up to the next days practice and to rethink about quitting.My coach talked my out of my thoughts of quitting and told me to prepare for next year and make it the best out if it.

My favorite story/plot line  is actually from this video game for the Nintendo 3ds and its called fire emblem fates.Fire emblem fates is a classic rpg but it has a really deep plot and being an rpg you get to choose your path.The basis of this game is you play as the avatar.The avatar is born to Hoishido royalty  but is kidnapped by a neighboring kingdom called norh and is raised there.Tensions raise as the avatar grows into adulthood and the full on war starts when norh assassinates the Hosidons king.That is the  past of the first choice you have to make in the game which is you either side with your lost hosidon kin or you stay with norh your family that you grew up with.The games plot is my favorite because it literally makes you either change or check your morall compass and its just a great video game and I recommend it to everyone.