End of days by Susan Ee

This is the first book in a great distopian trilogy The end of days  but the first book is called angel fall. All over the world the angel apocalypse has happened and you would think this is good but the angels think as the humans as ants and a nuisance.  After the messenger angel Gabriel was killed, the angels think gods word is to keep the humans in line. Penryn is just your normal teenager with her disable sister in a wheelchair and her crazy mother who carries rotten eggs they are just trying to survive this apocalypse But when they where trying to leave there town an angel falls and warriors round this fallen angel and cut off his wings. Penryn grabs the fallen angles sword and throws it at him to fight.The fallen angel warriors name is Raffe and he was thrown down for heaven because he suspected a top politician angel of murdering Gabriel the messenger of god.Maiming Raffe very badly he passes out .Paige and penryn’s mom run away to avoid the fight but the warrior angels got mad at penryn for helping raffe that they take her sister. Penryn distressed and alone takes the unconscious angel as a barging chip to get her sister back but when he awakens he is hunted by the other warriors making this a dynamic duo a strange one but up for a great adventure. I highly recommend this book to people who are trying to get into the distopian but just love romance because something brews in between the dynamic duo so its a good genere changing book